Susan McGalla Encourages Working Women

On PR Newswire,Susan McGalla gives encouraging advice for women in the workplace. She is a founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, and has spoken about women in business. According to the United States Department of Labor, one in five women is in the labor force. Specifically, the women in the U.S. make up 46.9% of the labor but only 14.6% women are executive officers. Although there are growing numbers of women working in the labor force, there are still ongoing hardships for women to successfully advance through positions. Susan highlights three effective strategies for women to succeed.

First, Susan emphasizes that higher education brings more and greater opportunities. She states that there needs to be a lot more highly educated women in the workplace so they can do well in the male dominated workplace. In addition, women shouldn’t become so concerned at the high cost of high education. On the other hand, young women should rely on smart planning on personal finance using financial aid, scholarships, and savings so they can become financially secure in the long run. Women with the skills and higher education are more likely to do well in the labor force if they worked hard enough.

In order to ensure success in a male-dominated workplace as a woman, women need to continuously have enough confidence to push themselves forward each day. According to a study by Bain and Company, women’s aspirations dropped around 60% because of management in the workplace. The working environment may become intimidating but Susan mentions that it is important to build a network in the workplace to build support and gain confidence. A strong network will not only give confidence to women but also give support in unfair situations. Although women will able to move forward with higher education, greater confidence will allow them to appear bolder and make decisions to move higher.

Finally, Susan advises women to ignore the “glass ceiling”. She explained that her personal success as woman in the workplace was attributed from her ignorance of the “glass ceiling” and her work ethic. Furthermore, she encourages women to avoid becoming the subject of prejudice and discrimination. Susan states that women need perseverance through the dominance of gender-designated roles. As a conclusion, women in the workplace should aim for higher education, maintain confidence, and ignore the “glass ceiling” in order to advance in the labor force.

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