Susan McGalla Offers a Relaxing Environment Wherever She Works

When looking at Susan McGalla, among the things people are going to say about her is that she is confident, relaxed and welcoming. This is one of the reasons that she has been successful in her field. The difference between people that are successful and those that are not successful is in the stress and pressure they give themselves. A little bit of stress and pressure is harmless for business. However, a stress and pressure overload can cause anyone to stumble and come to a stop in any goal that they are pursuing. This is the main reason that they ultimately fail.

One way to reduce stress is to make sure that the journey is enjoyable. Susan McGalla has done this very thing. One of the ways that she has made the journey enjoyable for herself was by working in industries that she has wanted to work in. She has also worked for companies she has desired. For instance, she has wanted to work for American Eagle Outfitters. When she was working there, she not only maintained the business but also grew it so that it offered more products and reached more customers. After all, she was very passionate about the fashion industry as well as business. She wanted to see growth.

Susan McGalla was also passionate about helping women achieve their business goals. When American Eagle Outfitters started offering clothing lines for women, this was a sign of inclusion of women in not only American Eagle Outfitters, but also other businesses that were historically male dominated. These days, the environment is different. Many businesses are filled with women, and they have proven to be every bit as capable as men in these fields. However, Susan McGalla does not want to antagonize anyone. She makes sure that anyone who works with her works in a welcoming environment.

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