The Legacy of Louis R. Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is truly a semblance of success in regard to business and entrepreneurship. Born in Montreal, he always had an eye for business, and this prompted him to pursue a course in the same. He earned a degree in business administration (production management) from HEC Montreal in 1979 and went ahead to join General Motors. His relentless efforts and determination made him a significant figure in the company. He worked with General Motors for 14 years before deciding to pursue other endeavors.

Louis Chenevert’s career peaked when he joined United Technology Corporation (UTC). He started by working for a subsidiary company of UTC called Pratt and Whitney. His ability to transform Pratt and Whitney into a successful company made him a favorite choice for the position of chairman at UTC, a post he acquired in 2006. He quickly ascended the ranks to become the CEO, and with his expertise, he was able to protect the company from a significant economic meltdown at a time when the economy was on a downturn. One of the most notable development plans that Louis Chenevert engineered as the CEO was the acquisition of Goodrich Corporation in 2011. This was a viable plan for UTC as it was able to expand its market and consequently increase profits.

Louis Chenevert announced his retirement in 2014 after transforming UTC into a global success. Nonetheless, his retirement has not hindered him from doing what he loves most, engineering and designing as he is currently involved in designing yachts. He also holds various positions in different organizations; he is a senior industry advisor for Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division, chairman of Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board, chairman of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, among other leadership positions. Chenevert’s unprecedented achievements saw him receive a doctorate from HEC Montreal, and a doctorate honors from Concordia University. He is the recipient of the 2009 Honor Award from the National Building Museum. No doubt, Louis R. Chenevert has played a significant part in changing the face of business in Canada and beyond.

When Philanthropy And Energy Combine

Supporting Energy And A Better World

The world comes to a place of transformation. This transformation is seen through the eyes of digital and wireless technology.

There’s a source of energy being used to power every city, town and house. These energy sources transform as they are being used. The transformation in energy is being used to power many new processes. Reflecting on the past few years and the access to information you have today should put things into perspective.

The better world we live in is built on the many processes accomplished within a digital world. Life has taken on a different form, and its greatest impact is consolidation.

The Details Of Consolidation

Energy consolidation happens when a respectable company offers multiple energy sources as a single provider. Think of Stream Energy as the central place for everything energy. Society is now empowering modern life with more simplicity and with more understanding of how energy is applied.

Everyone has to make the adjustment. Better understanding the applications of energy and how it affects your life begin with seeing what Stream Energy does. Consolidation means you now pay one bill and with one service provider. Streaming energy in this way is what sustains the technological growth taking place.

The Choice Is Yours To Make

Everyone makes a choice about what devices, products and services are best for them. The vast choices will still fall within some technological process that consumes energy, transforms it or sends it to a friend. Your integration with this society is secure only through power.

Reliable access to energy is now possible by the developments of Stream. Combining many energy processes into one system results in one powerful stream that powers your entire existence in a modern world. The rates are competitive, and you already have enough experience to begin with the service.

This is the advanced world, and this is Stream Energy bringing power to it.