End Citizens United Campaigns to Make Candidates More Accountable.

The organization has been actively involved in making reforms to the laws that govern how electoral candidates in the United States fund their campaigns. It was formed in 2015. Florida’s governor, Rick Scott is one of the individuals who has been sued to explain his source of campaign funds. He has been accused of financial mismanagement when he was the Chief Executive Officer of Columbia/HCA in 1997. According to the charges, HCA paid about $1.7 billion in the form of a fine after an investigation by the FBI revealed that he was involved in financial management malpractices. He was forced to resign from his leadership position to pave the way for new leadership. He was sued during a campaign period when he was vying for a U.S. Senate seat.

Rick Scott dismissed the allegations. According to him, he was not responsible for the financial malpractices during his tenure at the helm of Columbia/HCA. The New York Times reported that Joshua Nemzoff, his business partner was involved in the sale of some hospitals situated in Florida.

The hospitals were to be part of Rick Scott’s business empire. He referred to Rick Scott as a “deal guy.” In 2010, the Supreme Court made a landmark ruling that paved the way for electoral candidates to spend unlimited amounts of money during their campaigns. End Citizens United was formed to help in making changes in the law that would make the campaigners account for the sources of their campaign funds. The candidates were not required to disclose the identity of their donors. According to End Citizens United, the ruling would compromise the elections as the wealthy individuals would buy their way to public offices.

The organization has been involved in campaigning for Democratic candidates who are believed to be reform-oriented. According to End Citizens United, Rick Scott was not suitable to hold a public office as he had violated some electoral rules. The organization has a lot of support from the grassroots, and the members make the contributions to fund its activities. The success of End citizens United can be attributed to devoted members and a strong team of leaders led by Tiffany Muller who acts as the president.

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