Talk Fusion Orchestrates an Incentive for Its Independent Distributors

The global video marketing company and pioneer Talk Fusion recently orchestrated a few weeks ago a trip to Milan, Italy in order to motivate its sells representatives, announcement which took place on November, 7, 2016.


The winners will be able to see Milan’s luxurious fashion boutiques, see beautiful buildings and experience an exquisite cuisine. The trip will take place in December of 2017. In order for the associates to qualify, they must reach the “diamond” level. Thus, they have more than a year to increase their numbers. Talk Fusion will also provide to its business partners and their spouses with first-class accommodations.


The chief executive officer of Talk Fusion Bob Reina is happy about the coming event. As a man who loves to empowers others so that they can reach their potential, he thinks that the trip is a testament of Talk Fusion’s values. Talk Fusion already has an impressive compensation program. Sells representatives of Talk Fusion qualify for expensive automobiles, diamond rings and even Rolex watches. Not only that, but this company has already organized trips to places like Dubai and Hawaii. Also, representatives will go to such places on a trip this coming December.


Representatives must also be involved in Talk Fusion’s modern compensation plan in order to be first considered, which involves prospecting, recruiting and promoting marketing products. According to Allison Roberts, a very prominent vice president of the company, people around the world want to have financial freedom, be able to travel and to spent time with their families. Talk Fusion is on the mission of making such dreams a reality for its independent distributors, which is why Talk Fusion wants its distributors to also see the world. For years, Talk Fusion has been hosting trips. The coming June of next year, Talk Fusion will organize a trip to Hawaii. Official dates for this event will be announced in the future.


Talk Fusion has focused since its foundation on all-in-one video marketing solutions. Talk Fusion is on the mission of helping companies around the world compete and succeed in this era of continuous technological changes.  People from all walks of life can find what they need for personal and business purposes at Talk Fusion, whether it has to do with social networking products, conferencing or video newsletters. The company was founded by Bob Reina in 2007.

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  1. Talk Fusion, a global video marketing company that operates in 140 countries, wants to motivate its independent distributors as much as possible. This company also offers a variety of products and services. It is so evident that could not have supposed to do all these things properly.

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