Vigorous Efforts Of End Citizens United In Restoring Sanity In U.S Elections

In the recent news of the end citizens united, Emily Cain a politician who was also endorsed by the End Citizens United comes out mobilizing more people to vote for Katie Porter. She urges voters especially the women to vote for Katie Porter a candidate they believe can serve better in the position. Katie Porter, the End Citizens United endorsee is a professor in the field of law and has successfully won many cases of her clients over the last years of service in her profession. She is a fearless and brave attorney who can stand out in the presence of any officials to represent the interests of the American citizens. Her courageousness also entails speaking her mind on how to handle matters even if it means disputing from ideas of the topmost officials in the government.

As a mother and a professor, Katie Porter is much aware of the essence of eliminating assault armaments out of the learning institutions and also off the city streets. She centers her campaigns in eradicating the issue of big money in American political affairs which have always impacted in service delivery for the people. Getting rid of big money is the most significant issue End Citizens United concentrates on and hence Katie is believed as the champion for the position. Katie also aims at serving the interests of the citizens first before indulging in other political matters.

Katie was recommended by two senators, namely Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Kamala Harris for the 45th District elections in strong believe for her ability to run the position successfully. She is determined in guarding the Affordable care act for the benefit of the Americans and also fighting for the women’s rights as well as their parenting.

End citizens united launched a publicity program on the internet to enhance civic education to the voters about Katie porter on her unmatched capabilities for the position. The platform is aimed at familiarizing Katie porter to the voters and informing them more about her capabilities of improving services of the former politician, Mimi Walters in her new role.

Additionally, her advertisements will be posted on Facebook pages and also in the Google search engine for more popularity. End Citizens United intents to reach approximately 200,000 voters in the whole mobilization activity. Women voters however are the main focus for this practice since they tend to always offer full support for their fellow women on such matters.

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