Why IC System is the Industry Leader Among Collection Agencies

Where several collection agencies fail in terms of offering quality service and maintaining close relationships with the clients, one agency, IC System straddles the gap and leads the pack. They have a strong commitment to providing exclusive and incredible services to the customer. The company has a long history of existence and has grown to become a renown accounts receivable company.


IC System was established in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson. It has its headquarters in St. Paul Minnesota. Since its inception, the company amidst management transitions remain focused and dedicated to its credibility in the service offering. This commitment has seen the company become a finalist for the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics three years consecutively starting 2013.


Apart from its efforts and innovative transformations, IC System has a strong presence across the world for its efforts in corporate social initiatives. It spearheads annual campaigns that donate services, monetary aid, time, and resources to name a few. The employees engage in a plethora of volunteer work and have made notable contributions to initiatives like Toys for Tots, The American Red Cross, and The Special Olympics.


As part of its corporate social responsibility, IC Systems advocates for the utilization of sustainable practices. The goals have so far been achieved through a variety of fashions including effective communication with partners, operational methods, and the scrutiny of the strengths and weaknesses. Emphasis on the reduction of carbon and the use of renewable energy sources are some of the sustainable goals the company focuses on.


IC System maintains a strong Compliance Risk Management System that is up to par with the industry standards. It has a rigorous training and thorough documentation as well as an inclusive auditing system that allows them to ensure that its employees are fit for the job.


The firm can efficiently collect debts anywhere in the U.S and Puerto Rico and Guam. It is licensed or bonded in all 50 states. The licensing is core to IC System’s mission, which enables them to reach individuals with balances who are living far from their areas of service. Their nationwide reach also gives the company an advantage. They can offer collection services without relying on the location of the customers.


The licensing, the core values, the charitable work and the efficiency with which IC System is run portrays an impeccable example of how a collection agency can become industry leaders.

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