Jason Hope, The Futurist From Arizona

As a tech guru and entrepreneur, Jason Hope has a passion for technology and people. He frequently gives back to the community and businesses through his philanthropy and consulting services.

His focus on medicine, in particular, has been widely spoken of and praised. Hope feels that supporting scientific research will not only challenge thinking but also break down walls. A quality he hopes will be shared in the internet of things.

The internet of things is simply a way of saying that today’s technology, and future technology, are all interconnected to the web. Think of the popular show, The Jetsons. Lamps, food makers, cell phones, and anything you imagine can be connected – it’s just a matter of time. In fact, tech analysts, including Hope, predict that over 20 billion devices will be connected in just a few years. What does this mean for the general populous and businesses alike? Hopefully great things.

As a futurist, Hope uses his knowledge to predict where it’s all heading. He believes in the strength that the internet of things brings and cites that it’s only current downside is securability. This problem, however, could be solved by the standardization and ability to communicate across platforms. Jason Hope is enthusiastic about the continued move towards the internet of things bringing better Internet, devices, and capability to each generation.

So what’s next in the innovation department? Hope regularly comments on the state of things, new business start-ups, and powerful ideas, but one of the more overlooked pieces he’s stipulated about has been no-power Wi-Fi. Though the idea is still in early stages and can barely handle a season of streaming, it has some merit. No-power Wi-Fi transmits signals with no external power source at the rate of 1kb a second. This type of Wi-Fi does not create its own signal but relies on reflecting other signals from other devices. Hope says that “this is what will lead the next big leap in IoT technology” making it definitely something to keep on your watch list in the years to come.

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Online Business Reputation Management

It is critical to understand your company’s long-term success as directly associated with integrity. Online reputation can be the most valuable assets of your firm during internet business marketing. The online reputation is what potential customers find when they search your company on the main web search engines like Google. Your online business reputation shapes the client’s impression about your firm. It happens before they get to meet you for deals. In this Ultimate Guide to Online Reputation Management by onlinereputationreviews.com, you get to know why your online reputation is so critical to your business.

Sustaining positive online reputation should be constant efforts. You should regularly take proactive measures to improve it. While the Internet is an active performer, the posts proves to appear permanent. Therefore, inappropriate published online contents persist in showing up when clients search your business. Older embarrassing posts could haunt your business forever.

Bad reputations could also affect your business. You can have the inferior online reputations, despite the lack of individual faults. Criminals may be using similar names to your company. Online fraudsters might knowingly post insane online posts with your company’s name all over it. These factors go a long way in influencing the reputation of your business. Controlling the factors may be tough.

You can repair your online company reputation by removing inappropriate content from your website. Information posted on your site might seem trickier to remove. However, you can always seek “webmaster’s” interventions to help you with the distress.

You can also adjust your company reputation by making its name more unique. You can consider using modified names when your business shares names with other famous, prolific, or online criminal persona. Changing your company’s name can give you slightly fresh starts.

You may also comprehend how to avoid repeating the same errors next time. You can stop making the mistakes that led to the negative online reputation. If you continue posting inappropriate embarrassingly content to your website, the troubles will never go away. You need to have an identity of your online company reputation problems and consider steps to achieve positive search engine results when clients look out for your business.


The Wessex Conferences Well Let You Stay In Touch With the Latest Research

The Wessex Institute of Technology prides itself in it’s international conferences. These conferences are aimed at providing an overview of the state of the art with in a specific field. The end goal of which is to encourage inter-disciplinary research. As well, they aim to help professionals keep in touch with the latest academic progress. They are a great resource to aid the spread of knowledge and cutting edge techniques.


The conference program takes several forms. There are the main courses held at Ashurst Lodge, where Wessex Institute is headquartered. Beyond that a variety of seminars and presentations are held throughout the world. The conference itself is usually held over several days with one or a few specialists giving a series of short courses. The topics covered include science and engineering, as well as some newer topics such as finance and ecology. The papers covered are usually available electronically or in print format in advance of the conference.  Based on theweek.co.uk

Goettl Air Conditioning: For Comfortable Homes

Goettl Air Conditioning may have been launched when there was little technology but understands its importance. The air conditioning company uses LinkedIn to explain to their clients’ the services they offer, their locations and keeps them on the know regarding any press releases. Moreover, the company uses twitter handle to give advice to their clients on how to maintain their equipment and their homes during the different seasons.

It was earlier started as a company that manufactured heating and cooling appliances and equipment for their clients. However, currently the company concentrates on installing these appliances in their clients’ homes both commercial and residential properties. Moreover, the company engages in plumping services, repair and maintenance of equipment for their clients.

Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the best things that have ever happened to us. Can you imagine being in a house that is 100 degrees hot and with no cooling system or on winter when temperatures are so low and with no heating system? Sometimes we take some of these things for granted but Goettl deserves a medal for their creativity and their continuous commitment to ensuring that we have comfortable homes to rest and live.

The company has merged with Sunny Plumbers, Las Vegas Air and others to make sure that they expand their geographical markets and at the same time reach more clients. So far the company has locations and offices in Tucson, Phoenix, various parts of Southern California. Their presence and hard work has been appreciated and received warmly by the clients.

The company was began 75 years ago and continue to show excellence in their services. The company continues to show their devotion to the society and to prove a very important role in the communities. Goettl Air Conditioning is indeed a guru in the air conditioning business.

John Holt Is Tops At A Conference

At the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference, success came to John Holt once again. He was a panelist at the conference, which also consisted of other bank leaders, as well as consultants and advisors, besides himself. He was glad to be a part of the conference, and to be able to put in his input on the subject of “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”.

The conference was a huge success, and it took place on Nov. 7, 2016. It was based in New Orleans, Louisiana. When he spoke at the conference, the other panelists listened intently to what he had to say because of his good reputation and expertise in the field. His presence at the conference was taken very well.

His company, NexBank deals with a variety of issues in the financial services. He is the President and CEO of NexBank, and he has a dedicated staff that believes in their company and their work. They are able to produce fantastic results for their clients, which are all around the United States.

The company, NexBank mainly deals with mortgage services, institutional services and commercial banking. Since they are always acquiring new clients to add to their already numerous base of them, they are looking into the future with great hope and desire to reach an even higher lead in their industry,

Perez Determined to Make Tidal Succeed

Tidal is a company that has spent a lot of money in the past. Owning a music streaming business can be tricky because you have to pay the artists their royalties. Tidal is a company that recognizes growing talents, and as such it pays the musicians well. If your music streaming company does not make a profit, you can be forced to pay them from your pocket and it is easy to count losses if there are not customers willing to subscribe. Leadership is crucial when it comes to ensuring the success of music streaming company. It requires someone who is determined and ready to offer services that are unique so that the company can stand out.


According to hitsdailydouble.com, Jay-Z was determined to build Tidal, and that is the reason he decided to come up with strong leadership. The company had faced problems in the past with leaders stepping down from their position. What Jay-Z did is to hire the services of the businesswoman and manager Desiree Perez. Jay-Z knows the ability of the lady because they have worked together for many years. He has seen the great projects that the lady has been able to negotiate and win. Desiree Perez has helped Jay-Z to clinch some of the best deals in the music entertainment world.


She is now on Tidal, and she is working to put the brand on the right track. It is clear that Tidal will be reeling huge profits considering the many deals that are rumored to be underway. Perez knows to stir things up and get the competition working to her advantage. Though many companies are offering the same services and some of them are established, there are hopes that the corporation is now recovering from the previous mismanagement.


Regarding negotiating skills, she is the best. She has established herself in the business world, and those who have worked with her know that she is good at getting things working. With the lady on board, Jay-Z is relaxed and knows that everything will go on well with the business. The company is making a comeback, and soon it will be at the top because of the competitive advantage of having quality music to their fans.

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Developer Roberto Santiago And His Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago grew up in the Brazilian city of Joao Pessoa. He started his entrepreneurial career when he started a cartonage company at a young age, designing and manufacturing cardboard folding cartons that were used by a host of companies he supplied them to. Roberto Santiago has since moved on to real estate as he bought a large plot of land in Joao Pessoa and in 1989 developed one of the crown jewels of the city, Manaira Shopping Mall. For his education, Santiago attended Pio X Marist College and received a degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa.

Roberto Santiago has developed Manaira Mall into the largest mall in his Brazilian state, Paraiba, and one of the largest in all of Brazil. The construction of the mall started in 1987 and took two years until its completion. Manaira Mall features tons of shopping options, a theater, a large food court, a rooftop concert hall, a huge gaming area, a fitness center, banks, and even a college. The mall has become a daily place to visit for many residents of the city.

Domus Hall is an air-conditioned space on agenciaoglobo.com situated on the roof of the mall that was completed in 2009. There is enough space inside to host concerts, fairs, exhibits, and large conferences. Domus Hall can fit up to 10,000 people in its two-story structure; a mezzanine level that has individual cabins for lounge music as well as private affairs, and a ground floor for larger public events. It is specially equipped for concerts and theatrical productions due to its advanced sound equipment and acoustics.

The entertainment options available at Santiago’s mall includes a movie theater with features the latest shows and a large gaming area. The gaming area has a bowling alley as well as a fully equipped electronic amusement park on Wikipedia.org. The food court was expanded in 2008, 2012, and 2014 into providing restaurants that fit every type of budget and appetite. The food offered ranges from fast food fare to high-end dining at restaurants such as Capital Steakhouse, Espaço Gourmet, and Waynes.

The shopping at Manaira Shopping Mall includes something for everyone. At the mall you can find furniture, clothing, jewelry, sports gear, books and everything in between. Along with the banks and fitness center, the mall houses the college Higher Education of Paraiba so there will often be students and faculty around the rest of the mall.

Roberto Santiago has over the last 20 years developed the Manaira Mall into an attraction that brings in people throughout the region for a day of shopping, entertainment, and great food choices. With his construction of Domus Hall the city has been able to attract talented music groups to it, both Brazilian as well as international talent, that otherwise my not have come. Robertos Santiago has given back to his community and provided cultural experiences they otherwise would never have obtained.