Who Is Adam Milstein?

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor, community leader, and definitely a philanthropist who is inspired to create change. He earned his MBA from the USC, at which following a career in the world of commercial real estate ever since 1983. At the managing partner of the Hager Oacific Properties and working throughout this real estate investment firm, he lives quite the lifestyle on the go and constantly working.


Adam did not succeed right outside of college. He came to study and acquire his higher education. He says that most people came to the campus recruiting for new employees, but nobody appreciated him for what he was capable of. He decided to venture out on his own and start working in the world of real estate as a commercial broker. For three years he did exactly that, and then right after became an investor in real estate for his own. As a successful business man, he says that his job is really about being productive and knowing what to do to complete all the tasks in the day. The key, as he says, is to know how to map out your day so you can estimate what you’re capable of accomplishing. His work ethic is what helps him consistently grow in the right direction.


Adam Milstein says his love for real estate and the way business changes and fluctuates is what helps and makes this a business he loves being part of. Just a quick look at his interviews will show that he is a hard working individual who truly does know how the business works and what it takes to succeed. HIs inspiring work ethic can be quite a good way to lead your own future in business.


Adam finds that his productivity stems from enjoying the world of working. He never had a job that he didn’t enjoy simply because he loves the idea of working and putting in the effort to serve others. His love for the real estate industry helps him thrive in the world and does everything he can to provide only the best services to his clientele.

A New Cleansing Concept For Hair

Millions of women across the country are excited about the Wen Cleansing Conditioner that was created by Chaz Dean. An article that appeared on Twitter covered a woman’s story about trying the formulation on her damaged hair. The Cleansing Conditioner is basically an all in one formula that was created by Chaz Dean to replace a number of hair care products that include everything from shampoo to styling products. If you are wondering if the no fuss approach to hair care worked for the woman and improved her hair, read on.

Simple And Easy

The WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a simple and easy way to take care of damaged hair. The woman in the Bustle article was excited about testing the fig formula on her limp hair. She related that she usually uses several styling products on her hair daily. Would the Wen Cleansing Conditioner easily replace those products and simplify her hair care routine, while improving her damaged hair? The fact is that the woman in the article was having a bad hair day, everyday. However, the Wen Cleansing Conditioner proved successful for her. Her hair was easier to style, her hair was surprisingly shinier, and her hair definitely looked better.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean

Just about every woman would love to have shiny and bouncy hair. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean will transform a dry, dull damaged head of hair into beautiful shiny locks. The 5 in one formula is designed to take the place of a number of your daily hair care products. The formula is very nourishing and will not strip precious moisture out of the hair like a number of products currently on the market. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner is formulated to nourish the hair back to good-health. Order online directly from the Wen.com website or the official Chaz Dean store (http://chazdean.com/store.aspx). Try it and see.


ClassDojo Raises Money, Hopes to Make Profit

In their second round of venture fundraising, ClassDojo has raised close to 21 million dollars to further expand their app. This app is free to use and helps to keep the school to home connection open. This open line of communication has helped to eliminate surprises at the infrequent once a quarter parent teacher conferences. Parents are now aware of how their child is doing in the classroom before they even come to the meeting. This capital will be used to grow the team and expand the features of the already popular app. At home features will now be expanded to help parents open the lines of communication with their child at home.

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ClassDojo is used as a medium for teachers to share class information and moments in real time. Parents can access this information through their mobile devices or computers. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don wanted to create an app that would help to create culture in the classroom. Dojo creates that community and culture among the teacher, students, and parents. This widely used app is currently used in over 85,000 schools across the country. The app is free but they hope to start making money soon. They will never make money off of personal information and plan to make money off features.  Visit amazon.com for more details.

See https://angel.co/classdojo

Fabletics Shows Us The Way Forward


Ever since design principle and fashion impacted the sportswear industry, one’s concept of working out has been incredibly affected by their self-acknowledgment and what they look like and feel in sportswear. Kate Hudson is set up to speak to the market with her understanding of success re-envisioned under the name ‘Fabletics’, an affiliation which continues running on the perfect duo of exceptional service, person to person taste-driven sportswear and accessibility decisions both at the store and on the web. While trying to change a business into a $250 million undertaking in three short years, Fabletics enters the court with a real-time information driven edge in ‘activewear’. This needs membership for people to purchase clothing tailor-fitted to their workouts and distinctive activities.


The outdated routine of depending upon a price-sensitive market cost and mind blowing quality alone, as the most ideal approach to secure a part of the general business in an industry is something Fabletics wants to abstain from being related with, picking rather to gleam in the client’s mind by focusing on flawlessness in things like the ‘last mile’ of client care and engages customers with events, occasions and other such grassroots engagement to keep them included and intrigued.


The Fabletics General Manager perceives the “differentiator” variable for the brand being it’s data driven approach to manage business and learning based on the very identity of the buyer itself, thusly enabling Fabletics to be an on-the-spot hit with purchasers. This develops an association of the brand with high value for customers immediately, as opposed to falling prey to clients investigating stores just to search for a less expensive decision somewhere else, costing organizations huge piles of cash. 30% of individuals strolling around the store are clients already and another 25% more wind up as one themselves in the store. Any clothes worn by the client goes into the electronic shopping basket as well, changing retail into a deliverable; a vital piece of the brand that, all things considered “Fabletics” has down to the pat.


Returning to the old personal touch based technique behind the way people select their dress is the thing that Fabletics intends to fulfill, with it’s extraordinary strategy of ‘reverse showrooming’, in which the brand interfaces with the overall population at a grassroots level with events and activities collecting more brand recall and a feeling of personal attachment as an inspiration among people. The stocks of clothing kept by the stores locally are sourced on the insights gleaned by customer driven data which combines heat-mapping of outlets, transaction history and purchases in real-time as well as customer inclination over the extensive spectrum of social networking and social media.


Teri Hutcheon, the blogger of ‘A Foodie Stays Fit, considers Fabletics to be the place to go for an awesome package on both cost and quality. She treasured that the brand gave all around fitted outfit that didn’t fade away in color, nor lose shape after some time. So treat yourself to the absolute best in made-to-request benefit based sportswear.

Sujit Choudhry: A Recognized Professional In Comparative And Constitutional Law Matters

Comparative law is a body of law that explores differences and similarities between various legal systems, such as between common law and civil-law countries. It is the comparison of legal systems or particular rules or aspects of the law of multiple jurisdictions. The legal systems compared include civil Canon, Hindu, Jewish, and Islamic laws. Comparative law is studied so as to perfect current legal regimes, attain deeper knowledge and understanding of the law, and contribute to the unifications of smaller and larger legal systems. There are five steps that a comparative law study should follow. They Include:

  • Description of the scope of knowledge
  • Understanding of the concept
  • Describing compiled data
  • Identifying difference and similarities
  • Confirming the theory


Choudhry’s scholarly contributions and achievements

Sujit Choudhry is a constitutional lawyer, author, and lecturer. He is a native of New Delhi but currently resides in Canada. Choudhry is a scholar and studied at the McGill University, the University of Oxford, the University of Toronto, and Harvard law school. Based on law.nyu.edu, he is an expert in all law matters particularly comparative and constitutional law. Choudhry has published various articles, book chapters, papers, and working reports. He served as the dean of UC Berkeley School of Law for two years, check his linkedin.com for more works. Choudhry was also the Professor of Law at the distinguished New York University law school. His first job was at the Supreme Court of Canada. Sujit Choudhry acted as a law clerk for Chief Justice Antonio Lamer. Choudhry has worked as a lecturer and associate professor for various campuses including the University of Toronto.


Click here on http://www.pluralism.ca/en/events/forum/goup-rights.html


He has received several awards and recognitions. Choudhry is a recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship. He was also awarded the Trudeau Foundation Fellowship in 2010 to peruse his work on post-conflict constitutional law further. Sujit Choudhry is also the honoree of the Practitioner of the Year Award by the Toronto’s South Asian Bar Association. He is the brains behind the development of Center for Constitutional Transitions, a university-based platform that supports matters pertaining legal reforms. Choudhry has made great contributions in comparative law. Based on crunchbase.com, he has keenly explored this subject to the point of developing methodological questions about the relationship between constitutional and comparative law. Choudhry serves as a consultant to the World Bank Institute and a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster (UNMR). Choudhry has worked with governments of countries such as Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. Additionally, Choudhry sits on Board of the International Journal of Constitutional Law. Check more here.


Read more blogs here on blogs.law.nyu.edu.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Specialist in Cosmetic Procedures and Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the best plastic surgeons in Austin, TX. Out of the 8,100 plastic surgeons in the United States, she is one of 851 women. She has been board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and specializes in numerous areas of plastic surgery. She is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeon and is a member of the board of trustees for American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She began practicing in New York City, but has since relocated to Austin and opened up her own practice at Westlake Medical Center.


She first received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Texas and then attended the University of Texas medical school where she graduated as the Salutatorian. During her medical school training, she accepted an externship with a well-renowned doctors at a plastic surgery center in Miami. After completed her residency, she relocated to New York City to pursue additional training in aesthetic surgery and was a accepted as a fellow at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.


Jennifer Walden focuses mainly on cosmetic surgery including breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, and rhinoplasty, to name a few. She also specializes in providing training to other plastic surgeons on laser techniques for face lifts, breast implants, and fat grafting.


Miami Real Estate Is Expected To See Solid Growth In 2017

The Miami real estate market is being seen as one that will experience solid growth in 2017. There are three main factors driving this growth. The first is that the population of Miami will likely grow 6% over the course of the year, and will likely surge over the next 5 years altogether. People continue to be drawn to the weather and great business climate in the state. The second is reason is being called the “Trump Bump” due to his almost weekly visits to his Mar-a-Lego resort and golf course. This is basically free marketing for the Miami area.  Based on samuelstrauch.blogspot.com

The third reason is high expectations is that, while prices have rebounded over the past number of years, the area still remains very affordable when compared to other big cities like New York and San Francisco. The part of the real estate market that is really expected to increase this year is luxury housing. One Sotheby’s International Realty’s report said that there is plenty of supply in this segment and an increase in consumer confidence.

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One investor in Miami real estate is Samuel Strauch, the Principal at Metrik Real Estate. Strauch has been involved in this market since 2002. He has oriented Metrik to three main areas; equity & development, management, and brokerage. He has expanded the company into also being involved in real estate in several Latin American countries.

Samuel Strauch has been particularly involved working with Mexican nationals who are looking to invest in US real estate. They are looking to protect their assets while also make money from their investments. The Miami real estate market is proving to be a prime opportunity for them to do both. Strauch has commented that Mexicans want to diversify their investments and owning real estate can play a big part in doing so.

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Shortcuts For The Hair

If doing your hair seems to take forever or you just don’t want to take the time to do anything with it, consider some of the hair hacks that Wengie uses on a regular basis. If you want healthy hair, you need to watch what you put into the body. Healthy foods and water will give life to the hair and strengthen it while junk foods and sodas without vitamins will make the hair dry and brittle. Berries and nuts are ideal for the hair as they will bring out the natural shine. Vitamin B and folic acid are ideal for the hair as well.


When you’re using shampoo, avoid products that have sulfates in them. These are harsh on the hair and will strip away the color that you have on your hair. Small pins are ideal for keeping the hair out of your face, especially if you’re running late in the morning. You can store your pins in a Tic Tac container or place a magnetic strip on the wall or on a cabinet so that you don’t lose them when you’re not using them during the day. This will keep your pins looking neat when you don’t need them as well.

Retracing Rona Borre’s Rise to Success

Rona Borre attended the University of Arizona

Rona Borre is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, and one of the leading female entrepreneurs in Chicago. Her rise to the spotlight has taken many years of hard work, and she is just as vigorous in her endeavors today as she was when starting off.

Here is a brief review of Instant Alliance and the woman behind its success.


Rona Borre – A Brief Background

Rona Borre attended the University of Arizona where she received a BS in Business. Soon after, she began her career in a global recruiting firm in 1996 as a technical recruiter, where she was recognized as the top selling sales representative.

Upon recognizing her strength, Rona Borre ventured out alone and founded Instant Alliance from her Chicago condo in 2001.


Instant Alliance

Instant Alliance is a staffing and recruiting firm based in Chicago. Its staffing and recruiting services mainly scope two spheres: financial industry staffing and technology staffing. Check on cnbc.com and read additional info.


Financial Industry Staffing

Financial industry staffing involves recruiting employees who are not only qualified but also talented and accomplished in matters to do with finance and accounting. Its services in this sphere include finance contract staffing, finance permanent staffing, and finance executive search. The company also provides direct financial and accounting service such as financial planning and cost accounting.  Based on builtinchicago.org.


Technology Staffing

Technology staffing mainly involves recruiting experts in Information and Technology. Among other services, Instant Alliance directly helps its clients to break down tradition borders as they digitize their operations. Other services include IT contract staffing, supporting vendor managed services, identifying strong IT leaders, and partnering with its clients’ HR departments to construct the ultimate IT teams.

Watch and listen to her talks on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kESCtzl-y3k





Chris Burch: Why Marrying Technology and Fashion Is Beneficial

As years go by, people’s taste and preference keep on changing. The fashion and technology industries have not been exceptional. They have evolved together over the years as consumer preferences change. What is considered fashionable today may not hold the same position tomorrow. Likewise, a technology that is fashionable today will be faced out by another tomorrow. According to fashion and technology expert, Chris Burch, the past and the present day events can help us foresee the future.


Past and Present Relationships


From the 70s the fashion and technology industries have been showing some relationships. For instance, the boom boxes and two cassette decks were popular in the 70s. Coming into the 80s, they became even more popular after they were added to movie stories. In the 90s Walkman became popular only to be faced out ten years later by iPods. From this trend, it can be concluded that technology grows based on is considered fashionable.


Fashion designers of the 21st century have discovered that marrying technology with fashion is the only way to remain relevant in the market. Experts argue that technology has endless opportunities, which when explored can yield high-quality standards and functionality.


The future


The next frontier that synergism of technology and fashion can yield is protecting humans. For instance, firefighters find it difficult to communicate with each other while in their line of duty. Frontline gloves designed by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon present a great avenue for them to communicate with each other through hand gestures. Another advancement that is on the way is the development of prototype shoes that would produce kinetic energy enough to power mobile gadgets while the wearer is walking or running.


A Perfect Example of Synergism


Each of these industries requires assistance from each other. Wearing glasses was not accepted by many people until recently when an incredible fashion designer came to their help. She made her model catwalk while wearing the glasses and almost instantly the glasses gained popularity across the world.


Christopher Burch in Brief


Burch is the founder and principle of Burch Creative Capital. The Ithaca College alumnus has a unique investment philosophy owing to his excellent entrepreneurial skills and experience. Burch is also an investor having invested in technology, fashion, and real estate.


The fashion mogul has over 40 years of experience in investment. His company boasts of a rich investment portfolio including Blink Health, Chubbies, Little Duck and BaubleBar among others. Over his life, he has participated in establishment and prosperity of over 50 companies.