What Are The Awesome Rewards Drinking Organo Gold Coffee Brings?

Coffee drinking has become a trending habit worldwide. Recently, two experimental studies concluded that the habit is actually beneficial to health. Both studies found that coffee contained proprietary compounds proven to inhibit the development of certain terminal health conditions. The publications released by Annals of Internal Medicine listed stroke, cancer, kidney/heart disease and diabetes as examples. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

In one study, researchers examined some 185,000 American coffee drinkers committed to a daily ritual. The research findings revealed that subjects consuming the beverage decaffeinated or caffeinated benefited from drinking coffee. The study’s chief author and a distinguished professor of USC’s (University of Southern California)-Keck School of Medicine, Dr. Veronica W. Setiawan; raised a logical argument that the subject’s ethnicity didn’t influence the biological response. Organo Gold is also available at amazon.com.

Those that kept to a daily ritual of 2 to 3 cups experienced a significant drop in mortality by 18 percent. The 16-year-long study reported that subjects that avoided coffee had increased risks of developing certain diseases. This reduced the life expectancy of these individuals. Another study involving some 10 European countries surveyed 520,000 candidates. Researchers learned that regular coffee drinkers also had a higher life expectancy than those who casually drank the beverage.

One company that’s particularly big on coffee brewing is Organo Gold. The global chain franchise established by the MLM (Multilevel Marketing) guru, Bernardo Chua uses Ganoderma as its main ingredient. The brand offers a diverse selection of Ganoderma-activated personal care items, nutraceuticals, and beverages. Today, Organo Gold remains committed as a sponsor to nonprofits like OG Cares Foundation. The organization has made meaningful towards youth enrichment endeavors with its series of community development projects.

Organo also supports the NHF (Napoleon Hill Foundation), which focuses its resources on educational opportunities to positively shape future professionals. Its best practices included in a bestseller called “Think and Grow Rich,” has set many (entrepreneurs) on the path to success. The brand continues to expand its reach through its distribution channels and marketing networks. It’s providing jobs for professional independent network marketers globally.

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White Shark Media is the Greatest!

I have never in my life encountered more friendly individuals than those who work at White Shark Media. I own and manage a small business that employs about ten other individuals besides myself. Our bakery values the family-like environment that we have fostered more highly than any other aspect of our company. So when our baked goods stopped selling as well, I was nearly starving myself in an attempt to not have to go through the painful process of laying any member of our work family off.

My friends saw that I was struggling and wanted to help. One of their sons is really big into social networking, and he recommended that I try to build my brand out on the internet in an attempt to salvage the bakery that was my livelihood. I tried, but there was just too much going on in my life for me to make a really concerted and productive effort, so I was getting nowhere.

I was not about to give up, though. I did my research and found White Shark Media. They stepped right in and marketed my bakery so well I was able to give my work family a raise! And not only, did White Shark Media save my business, they did so with the most friendly demeanor I could have ever asked for. Every person I talked to at the company was so friendly I wanted to put them to work in my bakery! I simply can’t recommend this company enough!

Anthony Petrello on the neurological Center in Texas

When Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia welcomed their first daughter into the world, they never thought that it would change their life in the manner that it did. Their daughter called Carena was born with a neurological medical disorder. The problem started when she was born prematurely. Carena was born at 24 weeks and was weighing less than the normal weight required for healthy growth. Baby Carena developed complications where her brain was receiving less oxygen than it should. This meant that her brain would not function as it should be. The brain being the nerve center of the body was affected meaning that he could not function in the normal way. The problem worsened when baby Carena developed another complication known as cerebral palsy. This is a problem that meant that she could not do tasks that required motion. For instance, she could not chew food, walk, talk or even walk.

Anthony Petrello has transversed all over the world looking for medical care that would solve the problem that her daughter was suffering from. He has been to every big hospital in the world hoping that he could find the best medical care that would solve the medical problem that his daughter was suffering from. This was not to be the case as no single hospital in the world had the requisite information regarding the neurological disorder that his daughter was suffering from. Frustrated that his daughter would not get well, Anthony Petrello decided to liaise with the Texas Children Hospital. On the possibility of starting a medical center that would research neurological disorders. In his travel around the world. Anthony Petrello noticed that what was lacking is adequate research geared towards solving neurological problems in children.

Anthony Petrello was determined to see that this culture did not continue and that there was a provision of medical care that would solve this problem that was faced by many children in the world. The neurological research center in Texas would recruit the best doctors and surgeons from all the world who would research on the possible solutions to the neurological problems.

To kick start the center, Anthony Petrello contributed $5 million that would be used to set up the facility. He has also promised to add more funds to the center in future so that the research work does not halt. Anthony petrol is determined to see this medical facility work and alleviate problems to thousands of children in the world. He hopes that baby Carena will be one of the beneficially of the initiative he has started.

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Dr. Mark Holterman Is Passionate About Ensuring the Health of Children

Dr. Mark Holterman, MD, studied at the University of Virginia where he majored in medicine and immunology. He works at the University of Illinois, College of Medicine where he has been teaching surgery and pediatrics since 2011. As one of the members of the American Diabetes Association(ADA), Dr. Mark Holterman has shown tremendous commitment to the advancement of medicine and discovery of a cure for chronic diseases such as diabetes. Read more about his interview at ideamensch.com.

Mark Holterman has also been serving as the founder and chief executive officer of Mariam Global Health; a global investment and business management company that focuses on the ventures of impact innovators. Founded in 2014, Mariam Global Health is driven by the desire to make an impact on global health by investing in businesses that create and use scientific advances.

Dr. Mark Holterman is also known for the substantial support he offers to the IPSAC-VN (the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for Children of Vietnam). Since it was established, IPSAC-VN has put significant efforts towards ensuring the sustainable enhancement of pediatric medicine for the youngest population of Vietnam. Mark Holterman has been an essential part of the various initiatives by the organization that avail medical supplies, personnel, and other resources that the region needs. Read more Q&A at Interview.net with Dr. Mark Holreman.

About Dr. Mark Holterman

Apart from his roles as a teacher at the University of Illinois and the CEO of MGH, Mark Holterman is an attending pediatric surgeon at Children Hospital of Illinois, Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital, and St. Francis Medical Center. He is a member of a couple of professional organizations (besides the ADA) such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Surgeons. His areas of interest in research include stem cell therapies, regenerative medicine, novel cancer treatments, and obesity.

Before earning his MD and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia, Dr. Mark Holterman studied Bachelor of Arts in Biology, General and graduated cum laude from Yale University. He was a general surgery resident at the University of Virginia Health Sciences. Mark Holterman finished his fellowship in pediatric surgery at Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of Illinois via the University of Washington. He has worked at Rush University Medical Center (attending pediatric surgeon), as well as at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital (Surgeon-in-chief).

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Decoding Dog Food: Beneful

There are a variety of different dog foods out there, one of which is the brand Beneful. At first glance, this name is a bit unique. It’s not a word that’s used in other areas. Instead, Beneful gets its name from a desire to communicate the health benefits and nutrition found in its food.

Beneful’s first part of the name is similar to the word benefit. Dog owners want a dog food that provides nutrition to their four legged friends. It’s important to find a dog food that isn’t just filled with fillers and junk food. Instead, a dog food full of real food and nutrition will help dogs live healthier lives. The last part of Beneful; “ful” reflects that the dog food is, in fact, FULL of benefits. The dog food brand shows consumers that its dog food is literally full of nutritional benefits and is a great choice for dog food. To watch video click here.

Securus Technologies Keeping Our Prison on Lock-Down

Each day that I get in my uniform to head to the prison to start my shift as a corrections officer, I need to be on my game because in the blink of an eye things can go very bad. The inmates in the prison that I am assigned to have a very bad record of violence, and lashing out at officers is just becoming part of the norm these days. To reduce the incidents of violence with inmates, my team has made use of some very intriguing technology to turn the tables and get back a degree of security in our facility.


Perhaps the biggest change in how we conduct business in the jail has to do with our new deal with Securus Technologies. This company has changed the way that officers can listen to how the inmates are talking on the jail phones. In the older days, my team would need to be sitting in a small call center while we monitored what inmates were saying to those on the outside. The LBS software scans the calls and can easily identify certain chatter about drugs, violence, or contraband.


Securus Technologies to date has this same phone call monitor in over 2,500 different jails around this country, and the one objective of the company is making sure the world is a little safer as a result of their hard work. Now me and my team are a full force again on the grounds and we jump when the LBS software sends out any alerts. If an inmate thinks they can get someone to sneak drugs to the visitor center, we make sure that doesn’t happen. If the inmates are planning an attack, we get the jump and make sure that all the active participants never get out of their cells that day to fight.

Risk and Success is Todd Lubar’s Style

Ask anybody with relatively above average knowledge in finance what is the riskiest portion of the financial services sector and they are most likely tell you it is loan origination. That is mostly true according to many experts in the industry. Yet Todd Lubar has consistently been ranked in top 25 category of mortgage originators in the United States. His experience in the financial and credit sections spans back to 1995 when he joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation after his graduation from Syracuse University. In 1999 he moved on to Legacy Financial Group in Arlington Texas where his true potential was tested and the result was an expanded loan book to a tune of several 100 million dollars by the year 2005 when he decided to move on in search of further success. He joined Charter Funding a division of First Magnus Financial Corporation as a vice president and held the position until 2007.

To talk of Todd Lubar’s success as a series of successful jobs done in his career path alone will be a big understatement of his potential. One must talk of his entrepreneurial capability has another area where his true potential remains unmeasurable. In 1999 Todd acquired an equity stake position with Financial Legacy Group this enabled him to expand his lending capability through broking loans for outside investors. In 2002 he opened a real estate company specializing in residential property development. In this company he facilitated several deals of all types of residential investments and adding up to millions of dollars. Todd later opened Legendary Financial LLC as a subsidiary of Legendary Properties through which lending to individuals and companies alike were made possible. You can visit toddlubar.com

2007 – 2008 was a challenging period for many real estate businesses and for the mortgage industry the situation was even worse. As somebody with a long experience in the finance sector and a thorough understanding of diversification as a means of mitigating risks. His entrepreneurial spirit once again kicked in, Lubar moved his attention to other areas with a better return rate. He developed interests in the entertainment industry, owns a commercial demolition company and a scrap metal recycling company. Check out toddlubar.com to see more.

Currently Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures and Vice President Legendary Investments where in his own words he is helping needy people own a home.

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Drew Madden’s Decorated Career Path

Drew Madden is a successful entrepreneur in the healthcare IT field where he has established himself as a pillar of success and unique team building regardless of the institution he has gone through. He is an experienced IT professional, and has been in the field for about 10 years in implementation, planning and optimizing electronic health records in many hospitals. Mr. Madden graduated from the University of Iowa, College of Engineering where he graduated with a BSE in Industrial Engineering. His main focus was on medical systems. On starting his career, Mr. Madden joined Cerner Corporation where he mainly focused on building and implementation of inpatient medical facilities and solutions. He later moved on to Healthia Consulting, back in 2005. At Healthia, Mr. Madden was involved in implementations roles before being promoted to a business development position. Healthia was later acquired by Ingenix Consulting (IC) in 2007 and Mr. Madden joined the firm as an Epic Consultant.

Mr. Madden later joined Nordic Consulting Partners; the world’s largest Epic consulting company, and served as the president for 5 years – between 2011 and 2016. This is where he had a well-decorated and successful tenure. During his time at Nordic, Mr. Madden helped the firm in building successful and unique company cultures and high caliber teams. The firm grew tremendously in regards to the number of employees from 10 to 725. The same can be said about its partnership clients that rose from 3 to 150 under his management. This led to an increase in annual revenues from $1,000,000 to a staggering $3,000,000. As the president, he was entitled to spearhead the staff recruitment processes, establishing good client relationship and lead the business development department.

Drew Madden has strong beliefs in building a team consisting of high caliber professionals. With his ability to combine technical skills in project management and consulting operations, he has been able to help IT professionals in healthcare form successful Epic implementation teams across the globe.

George Soros Makes an 18 Billion Donation to Help Society

There are few people that can argue that the act of George Soros taking 18 billion of his wealth and donating it to his Open Foundations was a gift that will help places like Asia for a long time to come. As Forbes recently did an article that showcased the donation that he made and how it will be used to help countries that have been war torn as well as to help families and individuals that have been victims of these wars and read full article.

This is not something new for Soros, as he has been known in the past to give a sizeable amount of money to various political campaigns. These donations have helped a number of candidates that might not have otherwise had a chance in the political arena have a chance at winning their race for office. In addition to the political campaigns that he has donated to, there are also the large number of social causes he has given money to in order to help and make the world better.

Part of the money that he donated to his Open Society Foundations will be used to help improve conditions in parts of Asia, where things are not as good as in other parts. There have been places like Nepal that have seen their share of war and as a result, these countries are damaged and the people that live there are suffering on a regular basis. George Soros hopes that with this donation of 18 billion that these conditions will improve and this make the lives in the area a little better.

In addition to the 18 billion that he has already promised, he has said that there will be another 2 billion donated in the very near future. This will bring the total amount of his donation to 20 billion this equates to more than 85% of his wealth. This act according to Forbes knocked him down several spots on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world. While this would cause any other billionaire to be worried, to Soros, it is all a worthwhile act that helps the betterment of mankind and learn more about George  Soros.

According to an article done by Forbes, one of the things that the Open Foundations does is work with a local grassroots in Mongolia that helps those with disabilities to have equal access to the educational system as those that have disabilities are often excluded from the education system for that reason. Part of this money will go to help support the work that this grassroot organization does and hopefully help to give a few more students in this region a chance to go to school, and get a quality education. Without this donation many kids that would never have had a chance at quality education would lose out on a quality education. This is one of the reasons why George Soros is one of the most giving people in a long time and why his work will continue to help others for a great many years and Follow him Twitter.com.

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