Jeffry Schneider Uses Wellness to Achieve

As the CEO of his own firm, Austin resident Jeffry Schneider uses his vast experience to work with various companies. Jeffry will often start off his day working out alongside his Chief Operating Officer in the gym. During this time, he will set his priorities and outline his tasks for the day. He consults with his team on business strategy whenever he has an idea. Jeffry is also committed to personal wellness and believes it has to be sustainable over the course of your lifetime. He believes this can be best achieved by taking several wellness programs and using the concepts and ideas that will fit his busy lifestyle.

After reading “The Blue Zones Solution” by author Dan Buettner, Jeffry has committed himself to a mostly plant-based diet, along with a constant level of moderate physical activity. With that in mind, he makes it a point to be up before sunrise so he can get in an early morning run, bike ride, or swim. He believes this will prepare him for any tasks he has to face later in the day. He wants to always be present and in the moment so he can focus on what’s important.

One of the first companies to introduce the concept of wellness in the workplace was Google. They knew that in order to get talented workers, they had to create a dynamic work environment. Incorporating exercise programs made employees more productive and boosted positive morale. Soon, other companies began to follow Google’s lead. It’s important that different ideas and methods be employed in a workplace wellness system. Using a variety of activities will be more fun and get more people involved.

Healthy eating habits and exercise will improve productivity by helping employees focus on the goals and tasks at work. This in turn, will allow them to derive more satisfaction from their work. In addition to improved physical fitness, weight loss and stress management, participating in the different activities of a wellness program can also promote better relationships between coworkers. Over time, employees began to develop healthy behaviors that become part of their lifestyle, with the added benefit that they have lower health risks. Participants in a wellness program can often see positive results within six weeks.

In addition to his personal commitment to personal wellness, Mr. Schneider made a decision to use his resources to help those who are helping others. An example of this is Elizabeth Stephens, who works for Dell Children’s Hospital as an Oncology nurse. In her free time, she travels to Central America to help kids who have been born with cleft palates. Elizabeth had been using her own money to fund her trips, including her savings. Jeffry decided to reimburse her for all expenses she incurred on these trips. This will enable her to continue her work in providing critical care to children in need.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Jeffry’s company teamed up with another to provide financial relief to people in Houston who were affected by Harvey. He believes that in the rebuilding of communities and neighborhoods, the city will come out stronger than before. Jeffry also works with the Cherokee Home for Children, the Gazelle Foundation, and Wonders and Worries.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Joins Hands WithCancerLinQ and Precision HealthAI

CancerLinQ and Precision HealthAI have recently joined hands with Tempus to analyze troves of recent cancer patients’ information owned by CancerLinQ. The trio hopes to advance the field of oncology, its common treatments, and rates of prognosis with its detailed, in-depth analysis of information pulled from some of the world’s most popular, advanced clinics, hospitals, and cancer treatment specialists.

ASCO founded CancerLinQ just a few years ago. Both parent and subsidiary had intended on CancerLinQ scrounging up and holding tons of patients’ information, most or all of which were expected to be related to cancer, although weren’t sure of CancerLinQ’s ability to analyze and make inferences from such information.

Chief Executive Officer of ASCO, Dr. Clifford Hudis, recenlty stated that the arrangement between the three companies is “practical,” as Tempus and Precision HealthAI are slated to run through CancerLinQ’s hordes of information far more quickly than without each other’s help. CancerLInQ is fortunate to work with two companies highly skilled at making sense of cancer patients’ intimate details, in the sense of society’s general treatment of cancer and its carriers, as the subsidiary couldn’t hope to analyze the information it’s purchased itself.

The work that Tempus, CancerLinQ, and Precision HealthAI publish could help drug companies develop more effective clinical trials, pharmaceutical companies more readily develop and test new drugs, and provide meaningful inferences of CancerLinQ’s information to oncologists around the world.

About Tempus

Tempus was made by Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell in 2015. Still home to Chicago, Illinois, Tempus relies on its full-fledged data pipelines to insource, handle, and process data, all of which is related to the clinical practice of medicine, human science, and molecular data sourced from the world’s leading scientists.

Mr. Lefkofsky resigned from his role as Chief Executive Office of Groupon to found Tempus. Citing the reason for creating Tempus as being forced to watch a close family member face the perils of cancer, and then realizing the current state of oncology didn’t support the treatment of the all-too-deadly disease with all the advanced technology the world offered.

With the fire of the world behind him, Eric Lefkofsky has combined the worlds of healthcare with technology, utilizing some of the market’s sharpest, most cutting-edge genomic sequencing and analytical tools.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the United States’ biggest names when it comes to entrepreneurship, starting businesses, and large, technological corporations. Lefkofsky was initially interested in being a lawyer, attending both undergraduate and law school at the prestigious University of Michigan.

After graduating both programs in 1993, the young Mr. Lefkofsky decided to start his very first business with help from college classmate Brad Keywell. The pair has purchased an apparel manufacturer and brand in Madison, Wisconsin, called Brandon Apparel, with money borrowed from their closest family members.

In 1999, Lefkofsky and Keywell joined forces yet again to create Starbelly, a dot-com company that rose the dot-com bubble to success, as the pair sold the company just months before the bubble bursted. Over the years, Brad Keywell and Mr. Eric Lefkofsky have started countless businesses with the help of one another, again, and again.

Then-stranger Andrew Mason had an idea for a collective action web page titled, which, after hearing about from Mason himself, decided to help fund with one million dollars’ backing, and helped co-found the business.

Just short of two years after hit the World Wide Web as an active domain, it changed its name to Groupon, now recognized as one of the most popular commercial mobile applications in all of Apple, Android, and other digital application markets.



Securus Technologies Develops Wireless Containment System to Prevent Dangerous Criminals from Communicating with the Outside World

Prisons today are safer today than they were ever before. In the past, it was easy for the inmates to get contraband and to make calls outside to other criminals and plan their moves. But, new technologies are making it impossible. The Wireless Containment System introduced by Securus Technologies helps prevent the use of cell phones inside the prison. While many can say that it is the right of the inmates to call their loved ones, but the new system is just used to prevent making illegal calls. The system allows the correctional officers and officers to enable specific calls and all other calls are blocked or disconnected. Using the system, a local cellular network is created for the prison using which all incoming and outgoing calls need to be approved. The inmates can still use the landlines inside the prison to make calls to their family members and do not interfere with their ability to stay in touch with their loved ones.


The illegal use of contraband has taken the lives of many officers and their family members. Among the many of them, the story of Robert Johnson stands out. He was a member of the SERT team in prison and was responsible for the confiscation of contraband inside the prison where he worked. His team once confiscated $50,000 worth of drug package even before it could reach its recipient inside the prison. The inmate behind the illegal drug usage was enraged and decided to take action against him so that other guards and officers would be afraid of him. He used an illegal phone and hired someone to kill Robert. He was shot six times in the chest and stomach in his house before he was about to leave for work. But, he lived to tell the tale and currently is an employee of Securus Technologies. After going through 24 surgeries, Robert aims to work with the company to help find better solutions for the contraband problems in prisons.


Securus Technologies cares about the lives of the correctional officers and their loved ones. For this, it aims to make the prisons secure. The company’s Wireless Containment System has helped save thousands of lives over the past years. The system has been installed in almost all of the prison that the service so that the guards can easily prevent the inmates from making calls from contraband and running their operations while inside the prison. Manu gang leaders have used contraband cell phones to contact their members and peddle drugs or get rivals killed. Many have also used to make breakout attempts and to kidnap officers. But, Securus Technologies have made it difficult to carry out their heinous acts from inside the prison by installing the most advanced Wireless Containment System in prisons.

Paul Mampilly Says He Can Spot Bitcoin Crash Coming Very Soon

Paul Mampilly says that he first found out about the dotcom bubble when he was talking with his friend. She told him that she was rich. He wondered how that was possible. This was in 1999. She said that her stocks went up by one thousand percent. At that point, Paul knew that if they went up so high so quickly, they will probably fall down pretty quickly too. Paul explains that something similar is going on today. This time, it is not happening in the stock market but in the so called cryptocurrency market. People are buying Bitcoin, hoping to get rich. There is no doubt that some people got rich. However, some people got rich in 1999, and it was still a bubble.

In 1991, when Paul Mampilly saw the big crash coming, he knew that he had to sell his stocks. The stocks continued going up, and at first, he wondered whether it was a mistake to sell them so quickly. However, when they started dropping, he knew that he had made the right decision. At the time, he reached out to his friend and tried to warn her that the boom might soon be coming to an end. She did not want to listen to him, for whatever reason. In the end, she did not become rich. Instead, she lost all her money when the market crashed. The same goes for Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as any other altcoins that are out there. For more info about us: click here.

It is true that people who got in early made a lot of money. However, they would be wise to sell it and cash in on their profits. If they continue holding on to their Bitcoin, like his friend continued to hold on to her stocks, then it is very likely that they will lose out in the end. You will start hearing tales of people getting rich, but you will start hearing tales of people losing all their money. The second kind of tale will come from people who did not sell their Bitcoin.

Paul Mampilly knows what he is talking about. He has twenty five years of experience and has seen many bubbles during his time on Wall Street. He knows how to spot on, and he can see one coming right now.

A City Under Attack By A Trabuco

Life during the middle ages was very turbulent. Warfare was the norm and invading armies could overtake kingdoms, cities and villages within a moment’s notice. Most cities during the medieval times were walled fortifications. The walls were made of thick heavy stone and they kept the inhabitants safe when an army decided to attack. Still, an invading army could wreak a lot of havoc and fear on a walled fortification with the use of the trabuco.

The trabuco was a deadly weapon that was designed for siege warfare. It had the ability to hurl large objects over a great distance. These ancient weapons were the artillery pieces of ancient warfare. Once these weapons were put into action they could wear down a city’s walls or a castle’s defenses.

If you were a person living or hiding out in a city while it was under attack by a trabuco, you would have been terrified by the damage this weapon could cause. The trabuco could not only hurl large objects that would rip through your walls, it could also throw material that could burn you alive or cause you to get a disease.

Invading armies would use all sorts of items with a trabuco. They would hurl fiery pitch that could stick and burn to things, they would also use the trabuco to throw spikes, nails and bolts that would randomly fly in different directions. The trabuco could also be used for biological warfare. As a matter of fact, when ancient armies hurled dead bodies and cut off heads over kingdom walls; it was used for that purpose on

People who were being sieged by the trabuco, had to take cover in well protected areas. The missiles that were being shot had the ability to crash through buildings. In some cases, stone walls could not hold back the power of the trabuco. In case you didn’t know, trabuco is the Portuguese word for trebuchet. This weapon had defined warfare for most of the medieval era. It is truly one of the most remembered weapons in the history of wars according to No ancient city ever wanted to be under siege by this magnificent war machine.

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Todd Lubar: The Mindset behind TDL Ventures

Success is not for the weak; it is for the diligent, hard-working and focused. Todd Lubar, the current President of TDL Ventures, says that no one gets success in a fortnight or a silver plate. However, he encourages young business persons by saying that success has a greater meaning when acquired through hard work and sacrifice.

Todd Lubar began TDL Ventures triggered by his compassion to help people achieve their dreams. According to him one of the major hindrances of growth is the inability to acquire loans. This is why the TDL Ventures aims at getting rid of the factors blocking their clients from getting loans.

He says that he earns by being able to identify the individuals who are willing to actualize their dreams. He further explains that there two kinds of people in the world, those who live their life daydreaming of their success and those who make a step to make them come true. His past experiences have enabled him to differentiate the two groups. However, sometimes he helps individuals find the willpower to accomplish their goals. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

Like many successful investors, the climb to the top was not easy for Todd Lubar. He says the first years of business were tough and he had to put extra effort to gain stability. There is a time one of his major business deals went wrong, and he had to start from scratch. Todd believes that when you fail, the best thing is to wake up from the downfall as fast as possible. Young business persons make the mistake of dwelling on the wrong for long. When his deal went wrong, he simply woke up the following day and approached the business in a different perspective.

Todd Lubar also says that one of the factors that have contributed to success in his company is excellent management. This is possible because he ensures he knows everything that is going on in every department, helping him make informed decisions for his company. Check out Crunchbase to see more.

Todd Lubar says TDL Ventures has a great future because there will always be individuals who are determined to accomplish their dreams. They only need to know his company is there to see this happen.

Dr. David Samadi’s Career in Medicine and Robotic Surgery

David Samadi is one of the most respected professionals in the medical field. Currently serving as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Samadi is an Iranian-born doctor. He grew up in Persia until the Iranian Revolution. He was sent to Belgium together with his brother, but they ended up growing up without their parents.

Early Childhood and Background

Right from an early age, Dr. Samadi knew that he wanted to help others. His dream of becoming a doctor was conceived at that stage in life. His main goal while growing up was to help people to fight cancer. With his passion, he worked towards this goal, and he ended up studying medicine and surgery. He is a graduate from the Stony Brook School of Medicine. He also did his post-graduate training at Montefiore Medical Center as well as the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

With his training in medicine, Dr. David Samadi is dedicated to diagnosing and treating prostate cancer. He is also keen on sharing his knowledge with others through TV and radio shows. Dr. David Samadi also has a website where he discusses issues to do with men’s health. His other interests in the field of medicine include newer treatment technologies and alternative medicine.

David Samadi’s Robotic Method

When asked how he manages to make money with his business, Dr. David Samadi refers to his robotic method of treating prostate cancer. He developed the robotic method to provide less invasive surgical options for men. The unique method has helped many men deal with their health issues, and preventing them from contracting various types of cancers.

His knowledge of cancer diagnostics and treatment was also informed by working in different parts of the world. Dr. David Samadi was lucky enough to work in France while starting his career. It was during this time that he helped to create cancer treatment solutions including laparoscopic procedures for men. He continues to help his patients in achieving overall good health. When he is not working, he likes to contribute to charitable activities around him.

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