“A great place to work”, IC Systems

IC System is a debt collection company founded by Jack and Ruth Erickson in 1938. Today the Third generations of the Erickson family own IC Systems and continue to give their customers honest and ethical service.

IC Systems was the first collection agency with in the United States to use computers for accounts receivable instead of typewriters in 1968, and today still take pride in being one of the most cutting-edge collections agencies. As well as utilizing the best collection tools to better their reputation and be the safest collection agency in the industry.

They are headquartered out of Saint Paul, Minnesota and holding two Midwestern locations IC Systems was nominated in 2013, 2014 and 2015 for the torch award for ethics by the Better Business Bureau.

IC Systems could not have gotten where they are today without holding to their core values. By treating people with respect, dignity and integrity. By exceeding expectations, always doing the right thing, being proud of what they do, and getting things done in new and practical ways.

As well as holding to their core values IC Systems also takes great pride in there charity committee. The employee charitable help organization, which began in 1981 for dedicated employees that want to help their community. This committee decides and investigates on the distribution of funds donated by employees and IC Systems itself. Always taking into consideration employees who may be facing personal and health problems.

Some of the Charities that IC systems contributes to is the Olympics Wisconsin, Toys for Tots, American Cancer Society, arming Heroes, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital Charities, and just to name a few.

According to indeed current and previous employees of IC Systems gives them a 3.6 stars out of five. Six reviews out of the 16 are five star ratings and three are four star ratings. With many people stating that it was productive place to work and a great company to work for.


Jason Hope: Arizona’s Global Philanthropist

Jason Hope is a philanthropist who was born and raised in Arizona. Hope completed his college education at Arizona State University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and an Master of Business Administration. Grants are provided to university and high school students who send a creative idea with grants up to $5000 by Jason Hope. Contributions were made by Hope to causes which support children such as Teach for America and Worldwide Orphans Foundation. Additionally, Hope has contributed to causes in Arizona such as Arizona Science Center.

His passion for helping elders caused Hope to give to causes that promote anti-aging efforts such as Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation (SENS Foundation), a biotechnology nonprofit research organization. The SENS Foundation received more than a million dollars in donations from Jason Hope since 2010. The SENS Foundation assists individuals with improving their quality of life and performs research on areas related to aging disorders. Dr. Aubrey de Grey is the Chief Science Officer at SENS Foundation. Hope is regarded as one of the most prominent futurists in the United States.

Jason Hope released an electronic book on November 21, 2017 to provide information to individuals on the internet of things technology. The book also assists readers with staying free from online hackers. Hope addresses the foundation of the internet of things using common language in the book and the way this corresponds to the changes that occurring in the corporate arena. It is Hope’s perspective that the internet of things will have a tremendous impact on the world.

Jason Hope has written several articles on technology and the potential risks which may occur to security when individuals utilize the internet of things technology. Internet users can receive insight on technology from Hope on his internet site. Hope has addressed concerns regarding individuals using passwords on internet devices which are not easy to determine by hackers. Hope writes on various internet sites regarding internet security and guarding against hacking which may occur on a small or large scale.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

Matt Badiali Predicts the Scarcity and Increase in Value of Zinc

Matt Badiali gives a detailed description of what he thinks of zinc which is termed as the ’magic metal’. Matt says that the metal is not as precious as others such as platinum, silver or gold. Most people have not yet discovered the power of the metal because it rarely talked about. Some of the notable properties of the metal are, inflammability, it can be fully recycled, and it never rusts. These are some of the properties that make the metal stand out from the rest. Visit kennedyaccounts.com to know more about Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali adds that Zinc is found in different things such as automobiles, aeroplanes, computers, phones, turbines, and batteries among others. Interestingly, the metal has curative powers that most people do not know. Matt goes ahead and says that the metal is used by scientists to fight fatigue, diabetes, hair loss, and depression among others. The metal is also helpful in weight loss, protection against cancer, and improvement of vision. According to him, the metal should significantly increase in value. Some of the pharmaceutical companies that could need it desperately include Merck, Pfizer, and Bristol-Myers Squibb among others. It is these payments that Matt Badiali is referring to whenever he speaks of Freedom Checks a term he made popular in his recent viral video.

Most companies based in the United States have discovered the potential of the metal and are securing as much as possible. Matt Badiali says that the most challenging thing is that a shortage of the metal will arise in the near future. The disappearance of the metal is foreseen as big US companies scramble for it. Since 1990, major deposits of the metal have not yet been identified leaving a huge demand gap.

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Matt Badiali says that the metal will be the most precious on earth. He predicts that in future, people will fight over it leading to loss of lives. He adds that the metal will be more valuable than oil or water. Matt says that the health benefits of zinc should not be overlooked. People who suffer from zinc deficiency do not get enough zinc-rich food such as whole grains, fish or meat. Matt says that the amount of Zinc available in warehouses has continued to decrease over the years.

Matt is a renowned investment advisor who focuses on natural resources like copper, oil, gold, uranium, silver, natural gas, and water among others. Mr. Matt serves at S & A Resource Report as its editor. Matt also contributes to the popular ‘Growth Stock Wire.’ Badiali is a highly experienced oil industry consultant, geologist and hydrologist. Matt attended the Florida Atlantic University where he pursued geology. Watch this video at Youtube.

Perry Mandera: rich in career talent as well as heart

Perry Mandera is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the founding father of his company, The Custom Companies Incorporated. The company is in the business of transport and logistics. Perry has a vast experience in this field. He has been in the career for more than 40 years. His primary area of servicing has been servicing customers of Illinois as well as the US.

The custom companies have numerous employees on its roster. It has its headquarters in Northlake, Illinois. It makes sales of over $200 million.

Mandera started his career professionally in the army, specifically the Marine Army. He was tasked with moving army troops as well as supplies from and to their base camp. This task fostered his understanding for the need of shipping services in the country.

He left the army after finishing his duties. He later ran for office in Chicago. He served the 26th ward in Chicago for four years. This was a way of helping the community. Other methods that he used were charitable duties. He donated both time and required recourses to programs that would help the needy. He also uses his business in providing needy children with basic needs. His charitable work has been through Custom Cares Charities

He is a member of the ITA board. He serves as chairman of a boxing event for amateurs. He is also a board member of the Jessie White Foundation.

He was recognized by the ITA, Illinois Transportation Association, among the best transportation leaders of our time. Such recognition drives Perry to use the most modern technology in his business. He has hired computer programmers to customize the software applications to what the customer desires.

Mandera is inspired by and is appreciative of various motivational speakers. He also has a rich religious background that helps him in his time of need. He is also inspired by his experience as well. This is through the mistakes which were bound to be made. These mistakes have been a stepping stone to his wiser self that he is today.


The Inspiring Insights of Louis Chenevert

Louis R. Chenevert is United Technologies Corporation’s previous Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. He was designated CEO and President as well as Chairman in April 2008 and January 2010 respectively. He held the cited positions until his retirement in November 2014.

Before he served with United Technologies Corporation, Chenevert was the President of Pratt and Whitney from April 1999 to March 2006. Prior to his employment with Pratt and Whitney in the year 1993, he worked at General Motors for 14 years where he was appointed as the Production General Manager of General Motors for its Therese operations.

Louis Chenevert finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce major in Production Management from the Universite de Montreal, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales. He was given an Honorary Doctorate from Montreal University in 2011. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Founding Director for the Friends of HEC; and the Chairman of HEC Montreal’s International Advisory Board.

According to Chenevert, the United Technologies idea came from a multitude of ideas that were contributed by leading executives who have a deep understanding of the zeal to bring about evolving products that covers a product cycle of 30 years based on consumer requirements. The strategy will result to a great transformation when integrated in effecting procurements that would intensify the existing portfolio.

When asked what he would do differently if he were given the opportunity to start again, Louis Chenevert said that he would be on the lookout for internal politics since they have an effect of upsetting amazing outcomes. Internal politics would also disable the ability of brilliant leaders to concentrate on the appropriate execution of their responsibilities; which could eventually affect their bright futures.

He added that it is not good for the entire organization to put up with employees or team players that do not conform to the program because this would only hamper the progress of the company. He says that it is vital in any operation to meet any existing problem head on because delaying the resolution to any dilemma will just make it worse in the long run.


Dr. Mark McKenna is Modernizing Elective Medical Procedures

Some cosmetic medical procedures are so simple that they can be performed nearly anywhere. That’s the idea that Dr. Mark McKenna is banking on with his vision for a modern chain of cosmetic medical offices that provides house-call style services utilizing freelance practitioners. His company, OVME, is launching a new app that will change the way that minimally invasive cosmetic medical practices are administered.

Dr. Mark McKenna earned his medical degree at Tulane Medical School. He practiced medicine at his father’s practice but decided to pursue real estate as his primary career. He built a real estate business in New Orleans over several years until Hurricane Katrina hit and cost him millions overnight. After relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, he started a company called ShapeMed that offered laser hair removal, cosmetic treatments, and nutrition and fitness counseling. He sold that company to Lifetime Fitness in 2015 and went to work for them. After some time, he quit because he decided that it wasn’t a good fit for him. He had a different idea to meet specific needs he thought were underserved in the beauty and health industry.

His new venture, OVME, is building a brand around retail medical aesthetics that focuses on user experience. Dr. Mark McKenna wanted to make these kinds of procedures attainable without necessarily visiting a doctor’s office. Emailed forms will encourage customers to avoid that awkward situation of filling out medical information at an office. Patients can come into the office and go straight to the patient coordinator. The app will facilitate the practice of sending medical professionals out to patients’ homes.

Dr. Mark McKenna knows that all of these elective procedures are meant to bring out peoples’ inner confidence and give them the energy to accomplish their goals. He has looked at his field from the perspective of the customer and built his strategy around customizing his service for the individual. The technology, design, and data that he has collected have created an original modern approach to retail medical aesthetics.


Securus Technologies Helping Build Modern and Safer Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a leading firm in the corrections space that focuses on innovation, research, and technology. The correctional technology that the company has is the envy of its rivals, and Securus Technologies continues to develop new technologies that would help build modern and safer correctional facilities in the United States.


The wireless containment system is just the system that the correctional facilities were looking for the last couple of years. Even when the law enforcement agencies have put up so many security measures, the inmates have been able to get the contraband phones somehow. From the many in-house raids that have been conducted in the cabins of inmates, many contraband phones are found from time to time. It showcases the fact that the criminal network is highly operational and active in ensuring that the inmates get the contraband phones. The corruptions in some of the prison facilities can also be blamed for the contraband phones making its way inside the prison.


The wireless containment system by Securus Technologies would ensure that irrespective of how the contraband phones have made its way inside, they would not be useful to the inmates. It is because the wireless containment system would completely block these phones from being connected to the commercial network it is subscribed to. Any phone that is not registered with the correctional facility would not be able to make or receive a call from the prison premise. Such a system would ensure that illegal communication doesn’t happen from inside the prison. Securus Technologies believe that such technology is what the correctional facilities need to keep the crime rate low and officers and inmates safe.


The inmates use the contraband phones for making illegal communications while still being incarcerated. Such unlawful contact can be dangerous as it can put the lives of inmates and their families as well as that of the officers in danger. Many of the officers have been assaulted and even attacked due to the activities that were conducted on the order of inmates, which was coordinated using the contraband phones. One of the ex-corrections officers, Robert Johnson, who currently works as a consultant with Securus Technologies, was shot six times in his home. It was a hit that was ordered by one of the inmates using the contraband phones.


Robert Johnson had dedicated his entire life starting from when he was a correctional officer to now as a consultant at Securus Technologies, to ensure that the contraband phones are not used inside the prison. He believes that by ending the use of contraband phones inside the jail altogether, the crime rate would decrease drastically. It would also put many people out of danger, and the officers would be able to work without fear.

Did Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group Save Capitalism?

Randal Nardone of Fortress Investment Group
Did Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group Save Capitalism?

Financial markets have been tied together like mountain climbers. The plan is to have all of them hold up one errant climber. Did Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group save Capitalism?

Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis

During the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis, the Captains of Industry were becoming very worried. They knew that the entire world depended on them for capital. Capital was needed by individuals, companies and governments.

Modern credit cards had made it so that individuals could finance their startups, themselves. Businesses had lines of credit and needed more funds to upgrade to the latest technology. Governments around the world were also becoming more capital intensive.

When Lehman Brothers failed, the capital markets seized up. Suddenly, the top financial institutions were afraid of lending to one another. They found it impossible to properly measure risk. What financial brand weathered this storm intact? The Fortress Investment Group.

Credit Crunch

Back in 1998, Randal Nardone had co-founded the Fortress Investment Group. He did not base its fortunes on Sub-Prime debtors. He purchased valuable assets, like railways, casinos and ski resorts.

He did not bundle useless mortgages together to create useless mortgage backed securities (MBS). Randal Nardone performed a valuable service in providing the capital that made the world productive. What was Randal Nardone’s secret?

He had learned the tools of the trade under the mountains of Switzerland. He ate Swiss chocolate and Swiss cheese while working for the global financial giant UBS. Founded in April 1862, UBS was figuring out how to provide more capital to Swiss watch makers while the Americans were fighting for the freedom of Blacks.

Randal Nardone learned about conservative banking in Switzerland. That is why his company survived the 2008 Credit Crunch. When his hedge fund went public, Randal Nardone was added to the Forbes 2007 Billionaire’s List at #557.

The British called 2008, the “Credit Crunch.” It kind of shows their focus. They did not really worry about the Sub-Prime borrowers, everyone knew they would go bankrupt, but the British were concerned about their bankers.

Keeping Capital Flowing

Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group kept the capital flowing to the companies that produce. They made sure that necessary technological upgrades were made. Some of the assets were combined and re-packaged to create a more sustainable business model.

The best companies could be made public again. It was a little like a makeover. The ugly sides of the business were removed and the healthy parts were made better.

Productive factors are the foundation of society, not the repackaging of useless paper promises. Randal Nardone built up a “Fortress of Value.” That is why SoftBank purchased the Fortress Investment Group in 2017 as part of its Vision Fund Strategy.

Companies with real assets were able to keep the capital flowing. Randal Nardone should get a medal or street named after him, thanks to his efforts to save Capitalism. Now, Americans can buy all the Swiss chocolate, they want.

Learn More: www.crunchbase.com/person/randal-nardone

When Philanthropy And Energy Combine

Supporting Energy And A Better World

The world comes to a place of transformation. This transformation is seen through the eyes of digital and wireless technology.

There’s a source of energy being used to power every city, town and house. These energy sources transform as they are being used. The transformation in energy is being used to power many new processes. Reflecting on the past few years and the access to information you have today should put things into perspective.

The better world we live in is built on the many processes accomplished within a digital world. Life has taken on a different form, and its greatest impact is consolidation.

The Details Of Consolidation

Energy consolidation happens when a respectable company offers multiple energy sources as a single provider. Think of Stream Energy as the central place for everything energy. Society is now empowering modern life with more simplicity and with more understanding of how energy is applied.

Everyone has to make the adjustment. Better understanding the applications of energy and how it affects your life begin with seeing what Stream Energy does. Consolidation means you now pay one bill and with one service provider. Streaming energy in this way is what sustains the technological growth taking place.

The Choice Is Yours To Make

Everyone makes a choice about what devices, products and services are best for them. The vast choices will still fall within some technological process that consumes energy, transforms it or sends it to a friend. Your integration with this society is secure only through power.

Reliable access to energy is now possible by the developments of Stream. Combining many energy processes into one system results in one powerful stream that powers your entire existence in a modern world. The rates are competitive, and you already have enough experience to begin with the service.

This is the advanced world, and this is Stream Energy bringing power to it.


Senior Living At Its Finest & Sussex Healthcare Senior Living

Senior living is suppose to be a time of relaxing in a serene environment. Unfortunately, the majority of senior-living facilities don’t provide the best of living circumstances. Every nation has its winners, and every nation has its losers.

In the United Kingdom, Sussex Healthcare has some of the very best senior-living communities. These communities are far more than senior facilities because they offer so many benefits. These communities are also known as care homes, and they offer a nurturing environment as well as a full-support staff. This staff can provide 24-hour support, and they are always on standby.

Though the organization’s headquarters is in West Sussex, United Kingdom, it has up to 20 locations that provide high-quality care for seniors. Some of the most dedicated and educated individuals work under this huge umbrella. Sussex Healthcare’s main community is in the Horsham area, and it is state-of-the art. Its gymnasium is the show-piece of the center, and it focuses on providing numerous physical services. These physical services are designed to keep the residents in the best of health. At the Horsham location, some of the activities include underwater treadmills, physical therapists, hot tubs, fitness trainers and a swimming pool. This is luxury living at its finest and nobody else can do it any better. In addition to that, the clinical staff is made-up of industry experts that are trained to maximize the residents’ emotional, intellectual, social and physical capacities. Every base is being fully covered from head to toe.

Keeping the body in motion is a major goal. Sussex Healthcare has built a solid foundation of success by implementing a range of activities and services such as full-activity programs, occupational therapy, opportunities for work, physiotherapy and aromatherapy. What more could you ever ask for? Sussex Healthcare is also seeking ambitious individuals who have a passion for this type of work. There are numerous positions that need to be filled in administration and positions that need to be filled at the executive level. For those who are truly interested, the organization even offers training.

For more information about Sussex Healthcare, just click here.