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Music and More

Cassio Audi, prominent executive within the financial industries of Brazil, is also known for his early music adventures – which caused numerous creating waves during in early ’90s. He equally loves music and finances and still keeps a passion for various types of music – all from classic, hard rock and everything in between. Audi was a proud member of a metal rock band known as Viper. Indeed, he was active for two decades.

The metal band began in 1985 and then produced some albums and singles with in-depth focuses on hard rock. Audi was the drummer and likewise spent much of his college days –
and even his early career – with the band. The band created its first official album, Soldiers of Sunrise, in 1987. It was considered reminiscent of Iron Maiden as it had consistent songwriting to it and then became a major hit throughout Brazil. In 1989, the band ingeniously came up with another great creation – this time an album known as Theatre of Fate, which only further displayed the growth and potential of Viper as a serious, professional rock band. The band’s songwriting became more original as well, using soft guitar instruments to rely heavily upon for each song.


Every showcased song included a special fusion of classic instrumental with heavy rock styles, and that alone gave an all-new experience to fans of the band. By 1992, the band released another album and called it Evolution; this oneincluded a new vocal style. The songs included on this album were nothing but pure rock. After this release, Audi’s attention and desires begin to shift – and he later focused all his efforts on financial endeavors though he has been spotted with his original band members occasionally.

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