Lori Senecal Grows Where She is Needed

Lori Senecal, a longtime innovator of whatever catches her eye, has specialized in innovative technology. She began years ago, where she began finding fixes for challenges in business. Never one to be afraid to step outside of the box, she has been led by that towards success, for her entire career. Perhaps that started when she was growing up. After all, she had been the youngest of the family in Montreal. The baby always gets good at making it work. That is exactly what Lori Senecal does.

President of the New York location office of McCann Erickson, where she assisted companies like Coca Cola and Xbox. Fluent in French, she is more than able to take on any challenge. She has single-handedly led KBS to a global agency with 800 employees. Her ad campaigns have led companies like Vanguard, Boar’s Head, HomeGoods, Victoria Secret Pink, BMW and American Express into the business greats that they are known to be.

Senecal was led to work in this capacity since high school. She started competing then in gymnastics. Her coach was her inspiration. There, she learned that the coach goal is to inspire everyone on the team to succeed. That’s what she does in her work today, only now, instead of doing flips, she is applying that wisdom to ad campaigns.

She always knew her own strengths, and wrote better and better ad campaigns over the years. She has drawn on that strength for years. She has a great admiration for Steve Jobs, who seemed to know how to inspire, much like her former coach had done. Today, that is what she does. So much of what has led the company’s that she has served to grow into what they were meant to be. Like Jobs, she knows what makes each person great in the whole. You can visit LinkedIn.