ClassDojo’s Communication Platform Makes School a True Community

While edtech companies aren’t having a bad year like it was in 2016, most of the companies are yet to figure out what exactly works for the education system. That is not to say they are not trying hard to bring forth innovative products. The issue is that most haven’t just had the desire to consult extensively with stakeholders. The consultations which should then inform the companies on the most appropriate technological product to introduce.

Companies like ClassDojo, however, owe their fast growth rate to intensive consultation with all stakeholders. ClassDojo’s co-founders Mr. Sam Chaudhary spent a huge amount of time during the development of the communication platform having logical conversations with teachers, parents, and students. Having listened from the start, ClassDojo has now succeeded in establishing a community of connected persons whose activities are related.

ClassDojo’s communication platform allows teachers to schedule daily activities as part of their teaching plan. The schedule is made known to the parent and the student via the communication platform. Teachers can also opt to update parents on the exact progress of the student by taking photos or videos detailing the participation of students in activities. This allows the parent to be part of the activities at school.

ClassDojo literally allows the parents to guide the development of their child, provide the necessary support for activities kids are engaged and take note of the progress of student as it occurs. The creation of a positive culture in the school environment has seen many schools adopt the technology as soon as they can.

ClassDojo’s communication platform is now in use in more than eighty-five thousand schools across the United States. To be precise 90% of K-8 school districts are using the platform. The communication platform has also transcended boundaries and is now being used in more than hundred and eight other countries. That is as much as all countries recognized by the United Nations.

ClassDojo now has shifted focus to ensure that as many teachers as possible are using the platform to communicate the progress of students to their parents. Ensuring the safety of data is also of paramount concern since privacy is major when children are concerned.