Cancer Treatment Centers of America: The New Frontier

For years, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been improving the lives of people across our country. In fact, thousands of people have been treated at their facilities that may have not otherwise been able to survive. Year after year, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have been utilizing cutting edge technology and life saving medicines. They also have some of the most prepared, professional staff members around that have years of accreditation under their belt. In addition, the staff members of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have sacrificed pieces of their life in order to save the lives of others.

As stated on Wikipedia, the treatment center has integrated the Clinical Pathways program. The Clinical Pathways program is a revolutionary platform indeed. In fact, it serves as a platform used to gauge the effectiveness of their cancer treatment methods. Also, it holds pertinent information about the’s clients and personnel. Due to its efficiency, a significant amount of time is saved that would have otherwise been wasted. Therefore, the additional time saved can go into oncology research and further boost the effectiveness of the treatment center.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a host of protocols that outlines their level of dedication and professionalism. In particular, the treatment center treats each patient according to their unique situation. They do not approach each patient the same, which is praiseworthy. Therefore, they compare different forms of treatment options in order to decide which one is best for each patient. In addition, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America incorporates evidenced based “know how” into their treatment procedures. Since its utilization, the Clinical Pathways program has been of major help to the facility and revolutionized the way the industry operates on a day to day basis. The end.

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Seigall Steers Seattle Genetics to Industry Success

With the rise of illness and its effect on the global population, innovation and research are among the new approaches enforced by biotechnology companies today. Among those in the forefront in the fight against cancer is a Seattle-based biotech company, Seattle Genetics. Led by faithful President and CEO Clay Siegall, the company continues to prosper making strides in pharmaceutical advancements to eradicate terminal disease.
With a Ph.D. in Genetics, Clay Siegall had his start in the pharmaceutical industry from as early as 1988 where he worked in the National Institutes of Health. Up to ten years later, he co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998 that specializes in antibody drug coagulates (ADC). The drug’s sole purpose once administered to cancer patients is to target cancerous cells killing them effectively. The drugs provide the lifesaving benefits of cancer therapy without the deadly effects of chemotherapy. A passion for saving lives propels the organization and their research to ensure the medication manufactured makes life easier for cancer patients. In the course of his career, Clay Siegall has had 15 patents, in addition to 70 publications drawing from his experience and extensive research in the pharmaceutical sector in the hopes of bettering the lives of the ailing.
With Siegall at the helm as CEO, he continues to apply industry knowledge to steer Seattle Genetics to success. Apart from being publicly traded on NASDAQ and SGEN, the corporation has seen success outside of the United States of America. Distributed in at least 11 countries, Seattle Genetics continues to produce drugs to remedy the many patients that suffer from the debilitating effects of cancer. Collaborating with large pharmaceutical companies, he raised capital to create financing for the researching, testing, and production of drugs. Among some of the most profitable licensing partnerships were formed with pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline. Though the fight continues to a cancer-free world, Seattle Genetics continues to learn from their clinical trials to develop better drugs. As the organization makes progress in providing a cure to cancer, Seattle Genetics’ 650 employees lead by its passionate leader Seigall work tirelessly to eradicate cancer in the near future.

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