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The Next Breakthrough Medical Journal: Oncotarget

In a time where scientific discovery needs to be promoted and published, the world needs more free-access journals. Journals that publish new breakthroughs in science. Oncotarget is a free-access, multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal on the forefront of science, not just oncology. Oncotarget began as a journal focusing on the pathological basis of all cancers. Their goal started off as presenting new information on the discovery of potential targets for therapy and new treatment protocols to help cancer patients.

The journal also focused on different management programs that improved patients quality of life, adherence, and satisfaction. Now, Oncotarget has branched out and opened their doors to topics beyond oncology. Papers on neuroscience, endocrinology, cardiology, metabolism, cell biology, and pharmacology are all welcome. By breaking down its barriers for its publication, Oncotarget has bridged the gaps between the different disciplines in biomedical science. This makes Oncotarget a more rounded and impactful journal.

It is a place for all scientists to come and get breaking news on the new scientific discoveries being made across the globe. It is important for scientific discoveries to go through the rigorous peer-review process. This is the fundamental part of the scientific method that keeps science honest and helps scientists build on the discoveries of their peers and mentors. It’s important for journals to have knowledgeable and fair leadership. Now more than ever we need a journal with honest reviews and steadfast morals. Oncotarget is at the forefront of discovery. Not just for oncology, but now for all of biomedical science.


Eric Lefkofsky Places The Dreams Of Tomorrow Within Our Grasp Today

When a serious health crisis struck the Lefkofsky family, it inspired Eric Lefkofsky to utilize his technological expertise in conjunction with entrepreneurial innovation to develop a strategic approach to improving the outcomes for those fighting the dreaded diseases of cancer. Through his co-founded biotechnology company Tempus, he teamed up with geneticist Kevin White, President of Tempus to create a centralized operating system that gathers and analyzes genomic and clinical data that enables oncologists to implement more personalized cancer treatment options for their patients.

The Tempus operating system eliminates some of the overwhelming frustrations and uncertainty associated with cancer disease by providing doctors and patients with valuable decision-making information. Cancer treatments and methods exist in a fluid environment. Tempus makes it possible to access pertinent data presented in a coherent fashion in a timely manner that could improve the quality of life, prolong life, or ultimately cure cancer disease.

Eric Lefkofsky has founded and/or cofounded several companies with a common focus on various aspects of technology throughout his entrepreneurial career. He has creatively explored applications of technology in a variety of creative innovations. In 2015 he co-founded Tempus, Inc. and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. In addition, he co-founded Uptake in 2014, a predictive analytics company that optimizes performance while simultaneously maximizing productivity on a global scale. He founded MediaBank in 2006 which merged with Donovan data Systems in 2012. The merger resulted in the creation of Mediaocean, a media platform that organizes the full-scope of advertising processes for over 80,000 advertising professionals nationally.

He has delved into private equity financing as a venture capitalist in his role as the co-founder of Lightbank. Mr. Lefkofsky has invested in over 70 small, early-stage, and/or emerging disruptive technology companies that are deemed to have high growth potential located throughout the United States. Lightbank is a Chicago-based venture capital firm. Eric Lefkofsky has packed a lifetime of adventure in the span of little more than a decade, but his vision has yet to end. He continues to push a path forward diligently seeking the next great opportunity to innovate unique solutions. for more.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: The New Frontier

For years, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been improving the lives of people across our country. In fact, thousands of people have been treated at their facilities that may have not otherwise been able to survive. Year after year, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have been utilizing cutting edge technology and life saving medicines. They also have some of the most prepared, professional staff members around that have years of accreditation under their belt. In addition, the staff members of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have sacrificed pieces of their life in order to save the lives of others.

As stated on Wikipedia, the treatment center has integrated the Clinical Pathways program. The Clinical Pathways program is a revolutionary platform indeed. In fact, it serves as a platform used to gauge the effectiveness of their cancer treatment methods. Also, it holds pertinent information about the’s clients and personnel. Due to its efficiency, a significant amount of time is saved that would have otherwise been wasted. Therefore, the additional time saved can go into oncology research and further boost the effectiveness of the treatment center.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a host of protocols that outlines their level of dedication and professionalism. In particular, the treatment center treats each patient according to their unique situation. They do not approach each patient the same, which is praiseworthy. Therefore, they compare different forms of treatment options in order to decide which one is best for each patient. In addition, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America incorporates evidenced based “know how” into their treatment procedures. Since its utilization, the Clinical Pathways program has been of major help to the facility and revolutionized the way the industry operates on a day to day basis. The end.

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