NewsWatch TV Receives Rave Reviews for Marketing Segment

NewsWatch TV is a 30-minute news show that airs on two cable channels (AMC and ION) and several local syndicated channels. NewsWatch TV first aired in 1989 as a monthly show with a focus on financial news. It eventually expanded to a TV news format and currently contains editorial and paid segments, as well as interviews with notable people and celebrities. Since its first airing, NewsWatch TV has aired more than 1,200 shows.

Headquartered in Washington D.C. with offices in Fairfax, VA, New York City, and Denver, CO, NewsWatch TV is a privately held company owned by Bridge Communications, a video production and communications company. The show airs in more than 200 markets and its paid segment provides an excellent marketing opportunity for businesses and organizations. After approval by the editorial board, companies can market and promote their brand on the paid segment of the show. This is a robust segment and companies have written glowing testimonials about the value of this segment to their business.

Peter F. from App Marketing gave NewsWatch TV a 5-star rating adding “They actually improved our way of marketing ourselves by describing our service better than we ever have.” Tim S. at Saygus said, “I would highly recommend NewsWatch TV. It’s really important to get the right message delivered in the right way, at the right time, to the right medium, and NewsWatch TV was able to do that excellently.” After their segment aired, BYO Channel’s Ann H. said, “We’ve received exceptional responses. I again want to thank the NewsWatch team on an outstanding presentation.”

NewsWatch TV prides itself on providing useful information for the community and helping to promote businesses. Not only do we help the company, but we also inform the public about leading brands and services available.


Securus Technologies Believes In Innovation

The first name that comes to the mind of any prison officials or jail authorities with regard to security inside the Facilities is Securus Technologies. There are many reasons why this company enjoys such a reputation.

Security has become a part of the DNA of every employee in Securus Technologies. They also realize that this is a field that can survive only on innovation. In fact, they are always inviting their current as well as prospective customers to visit their test center. There are very few companies that are so open about what they manufacture and deliver.

Securus Technologies is focused on the customer. They are constantly asking for their feedback and providing them what they require. Hence they are modifying their current offerings as well as coming out with new products. But all this is a waste in case the customer is not aware of what all is being offered. This is why the company is constantly asking its customers to visit them

The company is focused on making the incarceration environment safe for all. It wants the jail inmates, their parents, friends, families, and the public to be safe. Hence innovation is a constant quest for all. Besides, they are also looking at reducing the crime rate both inside and outside the jails. Hence they are also helping the officials in solving cases. In addition, Securus Technologies has managed to reduce the inmates-on-inmates crimes this way. Hence the job of the jail authorities has become much simpler this way.

Securus Technologies understands what its customers need. Hence it tries to stay a step ahead. It knows that the inmates have access to technology too. Hence the only option is to remain ahead of them. This can be achieved only through innovation. Due to all these reasons, the company has managed to build a reputation for itself.

Class Dojo is eliminating parent teacher conferences

Parents are constantly trying to keep up with their children. They invest their time, money, and energy into their child’s success and they worry that their children will not live up to expectations. One common struggle is staying in touch with their child’s teacher. Most parents believe that their child’s teacher is generally well intentioned, but finding the time to meet with the teacher is almost impossible. Parents often complain that they have to work when their child is in school and parent teacher night is often scheduled at a time that is inconvenient for one or both parents. Several companies have tried to make communication easier, but until recently they have had little success. Class Dojo believes that they have a solution to the parent-conference issue.


Class Dojo has long been a popular application for building a positive culture in the classroom, but now the company is taking aim at parent-teacher conferences. The app wants to make communication between parents and teachers incredibly easy. Class Dojo has interested a simple chat client which will make communication extremely easy. Any parent can easily open the Class Dojo app and see their child’s behavior in the classroom and begin a conversation with the teacher. Class Dojo has put great effort into making their chat client easy to use, and they have even made it easy to translate messages that are in a foreign language. The application quickly translates messages in more than a dozen different languages, helping parents from different backgrounds stay in touch with their child’s teacher.


Class Dojo has received a large amount of support from the educational community, but they have also received great support from the business community. Class Dojo recently raised around $21 million in their Serie B round of funding. This funding will help the company make even more improvements to their application and to advertise to educators and parents everywhere.


Class Dojo is an incredibly popular educational app. Thousands of teachers around the country are using this app to build a positive culture within their classroom. Parents and teachers have fallen in love with this wonderful application. The application is especially popular with Kindergarten through eighth grade teachers, but some high school teachers are using the application.


Communication between teachers and parents is incredibly frustrating, but it does not have to be. Class Dojo is going to forever change the way that parents and teachers talk to one another.