Have you tried Lime Crime?

Yes, Lime Crime has a new look – Scandal – its latest addition to its cult-classic line of Velvetines. It is a beautiful, sultry, purple-violet hue lipstick. It will make your lips stand out – for sure!

This new color is touted to exude sexiness personified! There is even a ‘recommended way’ to apply the lipstick for the most stunning effect. First, one needs to apply lip balm at least 15 minutes before the actual application of Scandal. Then, one has to blot away the excess oils using a tissue. Once this step is complete, then you apply Scandal directly to the lips and use a lip brush to further define the edges. It is said to dry to a “velvety yet bullet-proof finish”, which can be removed with the help of waterproof makeup remover or oil. It sounds exciting and long-lasting.

Lime Crime is a Los Angeles, California based makeup company. Its CEO is Doe Deere who also hosts a Lime Crime blog. There is also internet presence on Lime Crime’s official Pinterest page as well. It has been said that the social media reach is over 2.6 million views.

The mind behind Lime Crime advocates the concept that makeup “isn’t just a way to cover up imperfections, but a form of freedom and self-expression”. This company is committed to creating innovative and top-quality products to the cosmetic scene. You can learn more about Lime Crime by visiting its website – www.limecrime.com as well as the Lime Crime blog – ILoveLimeCrime.com.