Dr. Mark Holterman Is Passionate About Ensuring the Health of Children

Dr. Mark Holterman, MD, studied at the University of Virginia where he majored in medicine and immunology. He works at the University of Illinois, College of Medicine where he has been teaching surgery and pediatrics since 2011. As one of the members of the American Diabetes Association(ADA), Dr. Mark Holterman has shown tremendous commitment to the advancement of medicine and discovery of a cure for chronic diseases such as diabetes. Read more about his interview at ideamensch.com.

Mark Holterman has also been serving as the founder and chief executive officer of Mariam Global Health; a global investment and business management company that focuses on the ventures of impact innovators. Founded in 2014, Mariam Global Health is driven by the desire to make an impact on global health by investing in businesses that create and use scientific advances.

Dr. Mark Holterman is also known for the substantial support he offers to the IPSAC-VN (the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for Children of Vietnam). Since it was established, IPSAC-VN has put significant efforts towards ensuring the sustainable enhancement of pediatric medicine for the youngest population of Vietnam. Mark Holterman has been an essential part of the various initiatives by the organization that avail medical supplies, personnel, and other resources that the region needs. Read more Q&A at Interview.net with Dr. Mark Holreman.

About Dr. Mark Holterman

Apart from his roles as a teacher at the University of Illinois and the CEO of MGH, Mark Holterman is an attending pediatric surgeon at Children Hospital of Illinois, Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital, and St. Francis Medical Center. He is a member of a couple of professional organizations (besides the ADA) such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Surgeons. His areas of interest in research include stem cell therapies, regenerative medicine, novel cancer treatments, and obesity.

Before earning his MD and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia, Dr. Mark Holterman studied Bachelor of Arts in Biology, General and graduated cum laude from Yale University. He was a general surgery resident at the University of Virginia Health Sciences. Mark Holterman finished his fellowship in pediatric surgery at Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of Illinois via the University of Washington. He has worked at Rush University Medical Center (attending pediatric surgeon), as well as at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital (Surgeon-in-chief).

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