EOS Takes the Lead

There are a lot of lip balms on the market today. You might have heard of a few, but are not sure what one is the best for your options. EOS may surprise you.


There are a lot of things in lip balms, but EOS lip balm is one of those that have some great items in it. Shea Butter is one of these. It helps your lips to feel soft and to help you fell better. When your lips get chapped, they can hurt and you might not be sure what you can use to help them. EOS lip balm has the right items inside it and can help with all parts of healing your lips.

Another wonderful thing about EOS (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) is that is comes in so many flavors. If you want something different than the normal types of flavors, then this might be a great brand to try. It has not just berry flavors, but also mint flavors as well as other combinations of flavors.


Chapstick is another lip balm you have probably heard of. This lip balm is not as good because of what is inside it. Instead of Shea Butter, it has a wax material. This wax can’t heal already chapped lips, but it can help you to prevent chapped lips.

Another disadvantage to Chapstick is that is only comes in one flavor. This can make it boring or if you don’t like the cherry flavor, you might not even want it. Chapstick is common, but it doesn’t have the different flavors most of the others have.

There are a lot of lip balm options on Target and Costco stores you can choose from. You might want to look at the different flavors that are available to you. These flavors are what can make the difference to you, but also think about what is inside the lip balm. This way you will be able to get what will help you the most.