Jason Hope Gives Big to Support the Future of Anti-aging Research

Jason Hope has earned a reputation for living up to his name by giving a world consigned to bear the effects of aging the hope of a longer, healthier, better quality of life through his support of anti-aging research. As an entrepreneur, investor, and highly-regarded futurist, Hope’s philanthropy extends to many interests, but his passion has become aiding the work of the SENS Foundation, the world’s foremost research laboratory dedicated to curing age-related disease.

Hope, an Arizona native, received a finance degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business before turning his ambitions to the future. Now, as a business consultant, he helps young entrepreneurs with tomorrow’s game-changing ideas with grants and guidance that can turn those ideas into reality. Connectivity for Life: Jason Hope Predicts the Future of the Internet of Things

As a futurist, Jason Hope sees possibilities and want to help develop what he thinks will be a better, more integrated and deeply interconnected world. As author of the new eBook, “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era” he knows that as people accept more robust integration of technology into their lives, the potential for human development will grow. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

And nowhere is Jason Hope’s drive to help humanity grow more evident than in his $500,000 gift to the California-based SENS Foundation. His generous donation allowed the foundation to build and fully equip a new laboratory. SENS Foundation CSO, Aubrey de Grey, plans to put the funds to good use in researching a cure for arteriosclerosis, a condition that causes the high blood pressure responsible for exacerbating many age-related diseases. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

Jason Hope believes his gift is only one of many that will be needed for the SENS Foundation to meet its goals and praises their work saying, “They are focused on finding cures for disease that break down the body and thus cause us to age faster than we should. Disease like Alzheimer’s and heart and lung disease affect all functions of the body. Traditional medicine looks at treating these diseases after they happen. We want to focus on stopping these diseases from ever happening.” Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope Predicts the End of Aging

Agora Financial Gives Back to Clients Who Need Help

Agora Financial tries to give their clients a chance at the right investments. The company knows how to invest and knows the changing tides of the market. They also know it requires a lot of work to ensure they’re doing things right. For Agora Financial, a big part of the company is how hard they work. If they take their time and work hard on helping clients, they know they can make things easier for them. They also know there will be chances they can rely on different opportunities. For Agora Financial, this is a big part of the business. As long as they’re doing this, they’re prepared to give people just what they need. By asking for everything that comes from the investments, Agora Financial can learn more about them before they pass them along to their clients.

The company is set on giving attention to the best investment firms in the industry. They want their clients to know they have a chance to be successful. They also want their clients to know they do no take money or gifts from companies they advise their customers to work with. The investments are 100 percent above board so clients don’t have to worry about issues associated with bribery.The company knows what people are looking for. They know most people just want success and to feel like they’ve done something right.As long as Agora Financial is giving people what they want, the company will thrive.

Agora Financial is set on helping customers have a clear idea of the right business practices. They are also sure people will get a positive experience as a result of hard work in the industry. For Agora Financial to focus on how they can actually continue helping, they know what it takes. Agora even tries to publish information on investing and the best investments. The things they recently published are all about how to choose the best investment firm. They want their clients to see what a good investment firm looks like. Nowhere in the publication do their advertise for their own business. Instead, they give clients advice to look for the best firm. This is the same approach they take in every area of their business. Agora Financial tries to show clients the right choices to make so clients will have a better chance of making the right decisions later on. They win by doing this and helping them out.

Agora Financial, Teaching The Essentials of Retirement Planning

Agora Financial uses the example of Bob, a dentist to illustrate the benefits of learning how to build and maintain financial resources for retirement. The company is a financial publishing innovator, which has helped over 1 million readers learn critical investing skills. Skills are taught using free newsletters and other publications. Subject titles include: how to create a 42 day retirement plan, hot money trader, weekly wealth alert, and family wealth circle, dollar trade club and how to create infinite income. As the video points out, Bob wants to retire, but isn’t sure if he’ll have enough income for a comfortable lifestyle. This is where Agora Financial comes in; they offer online publications that can help Bob and others like him prosper in retirement with investment planning. Those new to investing can become members and choose from ample publication topics or they can attend webinars, conferences, investment symposiums and featured seminars with reports such as, “The Seven Figure Formula.”

These are members only events taught by trained, experienced financial experts. With a series of dedicated newsletters and other written material, Agora Financial introduces readers to investing by deepening their knowledge. Knowledge is provided with an in-depth explanation about how to take advantage of hidden markets. The Agora Financial analysts often predict fast growing stock first. When mass media was steadfast in their coverage of falling gold prices and suggesting that investors dump their investments, Agora Financial analysts said, not so fast. The advice turned out to be invaluable as gold rebounded, despite economic decline and a weakening dollar. Analysts go beyond the typical talk and offer fascinating investment and trading information.The dedicated publication topics, give members needed direction, so that may tap into hidden financial markets.

These markets are a good way to increase the assets and resources needed for retirement. The stock market can be savage to those who are unprepared. However, reading Agora Financial publications provides a stronghold, a proven advantage, because there’s a great deal of serious discussion about ways to achieve the greatest stock gains. Access to publications is designed to provide anytime learning, and the free newsletters are packed with vital information, based on real world stocks. In addition to the publications, Agora Financial’s Twitter page provides daily tips via posts. Reading the feed can help those who want to build a nest egg for the future. And on the website, there’s an assembled team of editors, each writes multiple newsletters, based on their area of expertise. Members can simply click on an editor’s name to see which publications they have written. The editors discuss various aspects of investing. Each online publication provides invaluable investment strategies, all without the inconvenience of homework or tests.

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Paul Mampilly Says He Can Spot Bitcoin Crash Coming Very Soon

Paul Mampilly says that he first found out about the dotcom bubble when he was talking with his friend. She told him that she was rich. He wondered how that was possible. This was in 1999. She said that her stocks went up by one thousand percent. At that point, Paul knew that if they went up so high so quickly, they will probably fall down pretty quickly too. Paul explains that something similar is going on today. This time, it is not happening in the stock market but in the so called cryptocurrency market. People are buying Bitcoin, hoping to get rich. There is no doubt that some people got rich. However, some people got rich in 1999, and it was still a bubble.

In 1991, when Paul Mampilly saw the big crash coming, he knew that he had to sell his stocks. The stocks continued going up, and at first, he wondered whether it was a mistake to sell them so quickly. However, when they started dropping, he knew that he had made the right decision. At the time, he reached out to his friend and tried to warn her that the boom might soon be coming to an end. She did not want to listen to him, for whatever reason. In the end, she did not become rich. Instead, she lost all her money when the market crashed. The same goes for Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as any other altcoins that are out there. For more info about us: https://stocktwits.com/paulmampilly click here.

It is true that people who got in early made a lot of money. However, they would be wise to sell it and cash in on their profits. If they continue holding on to their Bitcoin, like his friend continued to hold on to her stocks, then it is very likely that they will lose out in the end. You will start hearing tales of people getting rich, but you will start hearing tales of people losing all their money. The second kind of tale will come from people who did not sell their Bitcoin.

Paul Mampilly knows what he is talking about. He has twenty five years of experience and has seen many bubbles during his time on Wall Street. He knows how to spot on, and he can see one coming right now.

Igor Cornelsen’s 3 Tips to Making Reliable Investment in Brazil

The World Cup in Brazil coupled with the summer 2016 Olympic Games undeniably placed Brazil in the spotlight for all the good reasons. Even though much of the hype is sports-related, the nation’s economic climate has also witnessed an unprecedented positive attention. In spite of constant promises to reinvigorate the country’s economy, President Dilma Roussef has arguably shifted to her populist policies even though they hardly contributed to any meaningful economic growth in 2014. With the anticipated revenue from the World Cup and Summer 2016 Olympic Games, the Brazilian government opted to adopt an “economic matrix” that focused on slashing stock prices in sectors the government had previously outlaid policies.

With an annual GDP growth rate of less than 2%, the experimental policy has proven to be ineffective with several disappointed investors fleeing the market. Brazil boasts of natural resources, a rapidly growing middle class with a higher purchasing power and competitive agriculture production. The country’s best hope is now placed in the Finance Minister, Joaquin Levy, tasked with harnessing his valuable experience into tangible success. However, Igor Cornelsen has gone above and beyond to advise investors on the crucial tips to follow as outlined below:

  1. Make a formidable connection with the locals

Business in Brazil is highly dependent on relationships and networks cultivated with the natives as well as embracing their culture. According to Igor Cornelsen, one in every four Brazilians is an entrepreneur aged between 18 to 64 years of age. Moreover, Brazilians are undeniably a social bunch that welcomes friendly banter and can advise you based on personal experiences.

  1. Be prepared for bureaucratic red tape

Igor Cornelsen highly advises potential investors to brace themselves for numerous regulations such as high taxes, pervasive bureaucracy and restrictive labor market which pose as niggling obstacles. Getting around them can be quite challenging, but the rewards always pay off for investors.

iii. Familiarize yourself with foreign currency restrictions

Foreign currency restrictions are only effected by authorized financial institutions. As such ensure that you use the right transaction rates at any time while conducting business.