How Matthew Autterson Succeeds In The Financial Industry

Independent investment managers are financial professionals who handle their client’s investment portfolios. Independent investment managers own and operate their own offices rather than working for a local or national chain of investment managers. They manage their client’s portfolios in such a way as to maximize their returns while limiting their losses during those times when there is a bear market going on.

Everyone has different levels of risk tolerance when it comes to their investments. Some are more conservative, especially people who are in or near retirement age. Others, in particular people years away from retirement, are more open to risk and are looking for more rewards. Investment managers talk to their customers about their goals and risk tolerance in order to decide how conservative or aggressive the portfolio should be. More conservative portfolios hold more bonds and fewer stocks while more aggressive portfolios do the opposite.

Over time, an investment manager will make adjustments to their client’s portfolios. In general, as people get older their portfolio needs to get more conservative so that their odds of not having sufficient money during retirement are lessened. A good investment manager will adjust the balance between stocks and bonds as their client’s age.

Matthew Autterson is an independent investment manager. He has his office in the Greater Denver area and a large base of clients. Matthew Autterson is a graduate of Michigan State University having obtained his bachelor’s degree in 1979. He has more than 30 years experience as a financial professional and guiding his client’s investment portfolios.

As the principal investment manager at WIN Wealth Management, Matthew Autterson personally manages the portfolios of the company’s largest clients. Matthew Autterson works hard to make sure that each portfolio he manages aligns with the individual risk tolerance of each of his client’s.