Jason Hope, The Futurist From Arizona

As a tech guru and entrepreneur, Jason Hope has a passion for technology and people. He frequently gives back to the community and businesses through his philanthropy and consulting services.

His focus on medicine, in particular, has been widely spoken of and praised. Hope feels that supporting scientific research will not only challenge thinking but also break down walls. A quality he hopes will be shared in the internet of things.

The internet of things is simply a way of saying that today’s technology, and future technology, are all interconnected to the web. Think of the popular show, The Jetsons. Lamps, food makers, cell phones, and anything you imagine can be connected – it’s just a matter of time. In fact, tech analysts, including Hope, predict that over 20 billion devices will be connected in just a few years. What does this mean for the general populous and businesses alike? Hopefully great things.

As a futurist, Hope uses his knowledge to predict where it’s all heading. He believes in the strength that the internet of things brings and cites that it’s only current downside is securability. This problem, however, could be solved by the standardization and ability to communicate across platforms. Jason Hope is enthusiastic about the continued move towards the internet of things bringing better Internet, devices, and capability to each generation.

So what’s next in the innovation department? Hope regularly comments on the state of things, new business start-ups, and powerful ideas, but one of the more overlooked pieces he’s stipulated about has been no-power Wi-Fi. Though the idea is still in early stages and can barely handle a season of streaming, it has some merit. No-power Wi-Fi transmits signals with no external power source at the rate of 1kb a second. This type of Wi-Fi does not create its own signal but relies on reflecting other signals from other devices. Hope says that “this is what will lead the next big leap in IoT technology” making it definitely something to keep on your watch list in the years to come.

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