The Capitol Anesthesiology Association and its Commitment to Medical Excellence

In the same manner that anesthesiology is vital to medicine, the Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) is vital to those in need of this particular medical practice. Serving the Texas capital of Austin and surrounding communities, the CAA is considered one of the largest medical practices specifically dedicated to providing anesthetic services.

The CAA was established in 1973 and today employs some 80 medical doctors, all of whom have either been certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology or are striving for certification, and more than 100 registered nurse anesthetists. Its staff serves more than 20 hospitals, trauma centers and surgical facilities, providing the entire spectrum of anesthesiological services. These services include general anesthesia, “twilight sleep” procedures and care for children, the latter of which requires additional training and separate certification. Anesthesia makes possible surgery and other medical treatments by eliminating anxiety before and pain during and after the respective procedure.

The CAA is committed to providing the highest possible level of health care. This commitment is reflected by the fact that its services are constantly ranked near the top among anesthetic facilities in the United States. Additionally, the CAA works with the Anesthetic Quality Institute, which emphasizes education and data reporting, in order to guarantee the continued quality of its services. Backing up its clinical personnel is an administrative staff that is dedicated to providing customers with a smooth and effective billing process.

Outside of their medical services, CAA staff members are renowned for their involvement in a number of humanitarian organizations, including Eels on Wheels, Family Eldercare and Partnerships for Children.