PSI Pay: The International Alternative Banking Solution

As a consumer, one always wants to feel safe when transacting and making any type of purchases in a store or online. The research for this global solution became simple, PSI Pay. The method of payment is the easiest and most convenient mechanism in this century. The process is this, place your card over the reader and the transaction is complete. It is that simple! As PSI Pay continues to grow, their business seems to make sense to national and international companies. PSI Pay partnered with Kerv to complete this simple solution.
After searching for answers to this brilliant and highly technical savvy invention, Phil Davies noted that after discovering PSI Pay and working with MasterCard, it helped him understand that jumping on board with this new innovative strategy depends on new initiatives, technology partnership, and strategic partnership.
PSI Pay has won recent awards from Temenos Innovation Jam. There greatest financial year was 2015; where they had a record high of 15%. This is a global alternative to banking that has grown from local to networking in 173 countries. That’s the best banking solution the world has ever seen. This company has a great incentive, you only pay once! You don’t have to worry about paying two times when making a transaction.
There are some perks with using this method. Payments can be made anywhere in the world. PSI Pay gives no hidden fees. This idea puts you in charge of your own finances. There is a great quality in paying this way, and that’s the fact that you can be anywhere in the world and make a transaction. That’s right! They have branched to newly design technology that makes it even more simpler. You gain the control which saves you time and money. The investment is well worth your money’s worth.

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Chris Linkas – Investments Done Right

Chris Linkas 2Chris Linkas can be considered a role model to those young people who are ready to plan for their future by investing their money to receive a great return over the years. While many young people may not think it is time to start investing now, it is the best time because it gives them more years for their money to increase over their lifespan. Of Course, money compounded for 20 years would yield a significantly greater return than money compounded over 10 years. Many people may not know where to start when it comes to investing but there are various places and ways to invest. For example, Chris Linkas has been a major investor in the UK and Euro regions to include Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and so many more. Several areas that he works in include corporate loans and securities, real estate, asset-backed investments and commercial investments.


Investment at a Young  Age

Like Chris, young people today especially those in the 20 somethings should start thinking of ways to make money for their easy retirement. Some of the best ways to invest with very little risk include bonds and CDs. Many of today’s society is tech savvy and can easily learn to invest and actually do investments in the palm of their hands. There are countless apps and trading platforms, and even social media sites that can help any young person gain experience and learn as they start a small investment portfolio. Now, some may be a little weary when it comes to investing as they may feel like they do not know what they are doing. However, starting at such a young age, gives each person time to make some mistakes, learn from them and over time they can increase their bottom line with either dividend, stocks or bonds, real estate or any other form of investment (Spoke).

While everyone won’t become the head of investment firms like Chris Linkas, they can all still find ways to increase money by investing and planning for their future rather than just taking whatever life throws at you.