A City Under Attack By A Trabuco

Life during the middle ages was very turbulent. Warfare was the norm and invading armies could overtake kingdoms, cities and villages within a moment’s notice. Most cities during the medieval times were walled fortifications. The walls were made of thick heavy stone and they kept the inhabitants safe when an army decided to attack. Still, an invading army could wreak a lot of havoc and fear on a walled fortification with the use of the trabuco.

The trabuco was a deadly weapon that was designed for siege warfare. It had the ability to hurl large objects over a great distance. These ancient weapons were the artillery pieces of ancient warfare. Once these weapons were put into action they could wear down a city’s walls or a castle’s defenses.

If you were a person living or hiding out in a city while it was under attack by a trabuco, you would have been terrified by the damage this weapon could cause. The trabuco could not only hurl large objects that would rip through your walls, it could also throw material that could burn you alive or cause you to get a disease.

Invading armies would use all sorts of items with a trabuco. They would hurl fiery pitch that could stick and burn to things, they would also use the trabuco to throw spikes, nails and bolts that would randomly fly in different directions. The trabuco could also be used for biological warfare. As a matter of fact, when ancient armies hurled dead bodies and cut off heads over kingdom walls; it was used for that purpose on sinonimos.com.br.

People who were being sieged by the trabuco, had to take cover in well protected areas. The missiles that were being shot had the ability to crash through buildings. In some cases, stone walls could not hold back the power of the trabuco. In case you didn’t know, trabuco is the Portuguese word for trebuchet. This weapon had defined warfare for most of the medieval era. It is truly one of the most remembered weapons in the history of wars according to dicionarioinformal.com.br. No ancient city ever wanted to be under siege by this magnificent war machine.

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