• June 22, 2024

Kfir Gavrieli Uses His Company For The Greater Good

  Kfir Gavrieli, CEO of Tieks, is known for creating the woman’s Italian leather ballet flats that easily fold into a bag. Tieks is one of the first brands that sold online only. However, Gavrieli sees Tieks as a company known for more than a great pair of shoes. Starting Tieks was a stepping stone…

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The Hero Role: Kfir Gavrieli

What is the definition of the word hero? That may vary from person to person. For some it may be someone famous and who is well-known. For others, it is a person who can step forward an do the right thing without all of the notoriety. Businessman Kfir Gavrieli would fit into the second category.…

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What To Learn From This Interview With Kfir Gavrieli, The CEO Of Tieks

To be a CEO, you need to be yourself. It’s easy to get engrossed in what a CEO should be and how you should behave, but if people don’t like who you are at your core, they won’t like working with or for you. You can’t change who you are; instead, focus on developing those…

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