End Citizens United Is Gaining Traction

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee that was founded in March 2015. It’s goal is to create a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. This landmark case made it legal for corporations to act as individuals to be able to spend as much money as they wish in political contributions. The problem that End Citizens United is working to fix is the unlimited spending a corporation finances.

Individuals are not able to compete with the large budgets of multi-billion dollar corporations. End Citizens United is focusing on this premise to issue a fight against the next logical consequence, laws having the potential to be bought and sold. If people running for government positions must accept money from corporations to compete in the campaign finance game, than they will be pressured to enact laws that benefit the corporations exclusively. An additional problem is that modern day corporations are international. This can create a situation where foreign investors can manipulate the American Government’s laws by spending large amounts of money to promote certain individuals to public office.

End Citizens United has been growing through a grassroots movement. This means that they have been trying to gather money through a lot of donations as opposed to several key donors. They are on track to raise $30 million, and have a battleplan to overturn Citizens United.

They are attempting to back Democrats to office that will promote the agenda of reforming campaign finance laws. They also back Republicans who are known for this cause as well. They claim that Democrats are the political party in general where this change will come from. They are not opposed to supporting Republicans who want to work for overturning Citizens United, however.

In order to overturn Citizens United, they must have two-thirds majority vote by the Senate and the House. Additionally, they must get three-fourths of the States to approve it. Their leadership team consists of professionals who have worked with politicians in the Senate and State Governments.

In the short-term, they are focusing on financially backing politicians who have made a pledge to not accept any money from corporations. In some instances, they note that some of these politicians have raised more money than their opponents who have opted to accept donations from corporations.

End Citizens United’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/EndCitizensUnitedPAC

Vigorous Efforts Of End Citizens United In Restoring Sanity In U.S Elections

In the recent news of the end citizens united, Emily Cain a politician who was also endorsed by the End Citizens United comes out mobilizing more people to vote for Katie Porter. She urges voters especially the women to vote for Katie Porter a candidate they believe can serve better in the position. Katie Porter, the End Citizens United endorsee is a professor in the field of law and has successfully won many cases of her clients over the last years of service in her profession. She is a fearless and brave attorney who can stand out in the presence of any officials to represent the interests of the American citizens. Her courageousness also entails speaking her mind on how to handle matters even if it means disputing from ideas of the topmost officials in the government.

As a mother and a professor, Katie Porter is much aware of the essence of eliminating assault armaments out of the learning institutions and also off the city streets. She centers her campaigns in eradicating the issue of big money in American political affairs which have always impacted in service delivery for the people. Getting rid of big money is the most significant issue End Citizens United concentrates on and hence Katie is believed as the champion for the position. Katie also aims at serving the interests of the citizens first before indulging in other political matters.

Katie was recommended by two senators, namely Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Kamala Harris for the 45th District elections in strong believe for her ability to run the position successfully. She is determined in guarding the Affordable care act for the benefit of the Americans and also fighting for the women’s rights as well as their parenting.

End citizens united launched a publicity program on the internet to enhance civic education to the voters about Katie porter on her unmatched capabilities for the position. The platform is aimed at familiarizing Katie porter to the voters and informing them more about her capabilities of improving services of the former politician, Mimi Walters in her new role.

Additionally, her advertisements will be posted on Facebook pages and also in the Google search engine for more popularity. End Citizens United intents to reach approximately 200,000 voters in the whole mobilization activity. Women voters however are the main focus for this practice since they tend to always offer full support for their fellow women on such matters.

End Citizens United’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/EndCitizensUnitedPAC

NGP Van Can Give You Tips About Having a Good Rally

NGP Van has some tips on what you should do to organize a rally.
The first tip that NGP Van has is that you must know the purpose of the rally. Is it to introduce a campaign to the public? Is to convert supporters to volunteers for your campaign? Is it to get press coverage for your campaign?
When you decide to have a rally is important as well. They feel that it should be for the last two weeks of the campaign. NGP Van feels that this is a good time because the campaign should have the most energy and enthusiasm at this time. Another tip is that you should worry about the details of the rally. If you do your details correctly, you should have a successful campaign and rally. You should worry about the following details:
-Sound System
-Speaking Program
To have a good rally, you should make sure that you get the word out about it. You should ask volunteers to put fliers on bulletins boards, pass out them at campaign events and distribute them to local people that are known to the campaign. You can go to Facebook and create an event page that would invite people to the rally. You could call the local TV and radio stations to see if they will mention the rally on their broadcasts. You could try any of the local publications to get people to come to the rally. If you have to use messenger pigeons, you should do it. You should do anything to get some buzz about your rally.
NGP Van does believe that their firm would be ideal to help campaigns organize their rallies. They have the software that could campaigns and organizations help them meet goals like having a good rally. Their past clients have been the Obama 2012 presidential campaign, the Obama 2008 presidential campaign, the Hilary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign. They have even gone global with helping the Liberal Party of Canada and the Liberal Democrats in Britain with their campaigns.
NGP Van has the experience to help anybody with their rallies.

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George Soros Makes an 18 Billion Donation to Help Society

There are few people that can argue that the act of George Soros taking 18 billion of his wealth and donating it to his Open Foundations was a gift that will help places like Asia for a long time to come. As Forbes recently did an article that showcased the donation that he made and how it will be used to help countries that have been war torn as well as to help families and individuals that have been victims of these wars and read full article.

This is not something new for Soros, as he has been known in the past to give a sizeable amount of money to various political campaigns. These donations have helped a number of candidates that might not have otherwise had a chance in the political arena have a chance at winning their race for office. In addition to the political campaigns that he has donated to, there are also the large number of social causes he has given money to in order to help and make the world better.

Part of the money that he donated to his Open Society Foundations will be used to help improve conditions in parts of Asia, where things are not as good as in other parts. There have been places like Nepal that have seen their share of war and as a result, these countries are damaged and the people that live there are suffering on a regular basis. George Soros hopes that with this donation of 18 billion that these conditions will improve and this make the lives in the area a little better.

In addition to the 18 billion that he has already promised, he has said that there will be another 2 billion donated in the very near future. This will bring the total amount of his donation to 20 billion this equates to more than 85% of his wealth. This act according to Forbes knocked him down several spots on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world. While this would cause any other billionaire to be worried, to Soros, it is all a worthwhile act that helps the betterment of mankind and learn more about George  Soros.

According to an article done by Forbes, one of the things that the Open Foundations does is work with a local grassroots in Mongolia that helps those with disabilities to have equal access to the educational system as those that have disabilities are often excluded from the education system for that reason. Part of this money will go to help support the work that this grassroot organization does and hopefully help to give a few more students in this region a chance to go to school, and get a quality education. Without this donation many kids that would never have had a chance at quality education would lose out on a quality education. This is one of the reasons why George Soros is one of the most giving people in a long time and why his work will continue to help others for a great many years and Follow him Twitter.com.

More Visit: https://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros