Graham Edwards And His Promotion From CEO To Chairman Of Telereal Trillium

As the CEO of Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards has had a litany of accomplishments. Graham Edwards has taken the lead in guiding the company, moving over 6,000 properties and making deals worth billions of pounds in property outsourcing. When the first of these deals went down, many in the company realized that they were dealing with an individual that knew how to lead major mergers. They knew he was going places, and soon he will now begin a new position with Telereal Trillium.


Based on his prior track record, the vote was unanimous: the board at Telereal Trillium elected to promote him to chairman. In this new capacity, Edwards is expected to continue to build the infrastructure, work on the design and building of new projects, and answer any continued questions or concerns that stockholders might have.


There is no question that Graham Edwards has paid his dues for many years to get to this point in his life. His grit and determination is what has made Telereal Trillium the company that it is today. He has been the CEO of the company since 2001. and he has been instrumental in their growth. Graham Edwards and his associates completed a merger in 2009 that was considered the largest in British property development history.


This transaction is what put Telereal Trillium on the map. It also established Graham Edwards as someone with an immense business and executive prowess. It was after that, that Graham Edwards could honestly say he was leading a company with revenue in excess of 1 billion pounds per year.


Prior to his positions at Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards also made his mark as Chief Investment Officer at Talisman Global Asset Management. Graham Edwards has also held positions such as a fund manager at Merrill Lynch, a Head of Finance for the BT Group, and many other notable positions as well. As chairman, he is fully poised than guide Telereal Trillium for many years into the future.

Dr. Mark McKenna is Modernizing Elective Medical Procedures

Some cosmetic medical procedures are so simple that they can be performed nearly anywhere. That’s the idea that Dr. Mark McKenna is banking on with his vision for a modern chain of cosmetic medical offices that provides house-call style services utilizing freelance practitioners. His company, OVME, is launching a new app that will change the way that minimally invasive cosmetic medical practices are administered.

Dr. Mark McKenna earned his medical degree at Tulane Medical School. He practiced medicine at his father’s practice but decided to pursue real estate as his primary career. He built a real estate business in New Orleans over several years until Hurricane Katrina hit and cost him millions overnight. After relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, he started a company called ShapeMed that offered laser hair removal, cosmetic treatments, and nutrition and fitness counseling. He sold that company to Lifetime Fitness in 2015 and went to work for them. After some time, he quit because he decided that it wasn’t a good fit for him. He had a different idea to meet specific needs he thought were underserved in the beauty and health industry.

His new venture, OVME, is building a brand around retail medical aesthetics that focuses on user experience. Dr. Mark McKenna wanted to make these kinds of procedures attainable without necessarily visiting a doctor’s office. Emailed forms will encourage customers to avoid that awkward situation of filling out medical information at an office. Patients can come into the office and go straight to the patient coordinator. The app will facilitate the practice of sending medical professionals out to patients’ homes.

Dr. Mark McKenna knows that all of these elective procedures are meant to bring out peoples’ inner confidence and give them the energy to accomplish their goals. He has looked at his field from the perspective of the customer and built his strategy around customizing his service for the individual. The technology, design, and data that he has collected have created an original modern approach to retail medical aesthetics.

Omar Boraie has Great Vision for his Company

Boraie is a leader with a vision. It is this vision that has seen him continuously notice the potential that exists in Brunswick, a belief he has held for four decades. This explains his last investment, which is in the Center of Aspire. It refers to a city that will have several houses mainly high rising buildings and deluxe residential. It is a special project for him because it has been part of his dream for years.

Boraie Omar heads the Boraie Development LLC. He is happy to see the recent project come to be because it has been under a lot of scrutiny with most people doubting its credibility and viability. He has had the dream for a long time that would see the rebuilding of Brunswick. His inspiration came from his travels and experiences seeing Europe being rebuilt. He developed the same desire for his company to do the same for Brunswick. Omar has witnessed the tremendous transformations in Europe. When he was a scholar, it was impossible to be outdoors after four pm. This was when his dream was born, and he made efforts to ensure it becomes a reality. Omar is happy that finally it is happening even amidst a lot of doubt over the years. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

Omar’s own office is as a result of the transformation of the once crumbling building to what it is today. The spectacular view that Sam Boraie has in his office was not there before. The company’s first project was an office space known as Tower One. This happened in the 80s and 90s. The office spaces were a great way to start as it offered great platforms for the company to grow. However, Omar realized the need for residential houses in the market, which saw him change and take this direction. Boraie took advantage of the need for high-quality residential spaces to help transform the Brunswick environment and real estate as a whole. You can visit for more info

About Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development is a service area that focuses on urban real estate markets for clients in New Jersey. The firm is focused on real estate development, property management, and sales and marketing for the same. The company’s greatest Forte is to work with credible and strong financial constitutions, visionary architects as well as contractors that understand the need for timely delivery and completion of projects. Visit

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Adam Milstein is Building Bridges in Jewish Communities Through Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is dedicated to forging relationships between various Jewish leaders and building a strong coalition of philanthropists and activists who embrace Jewish traditions. Milstein is a real estate professional that spends most of hit time now running the Milstein Foundation, a charity and active philanthropy non-profit that he and his wife started. This foundation has backed certain traditions such as teaching Hebrew, Jewish culture studies, and other path life impact programs. The Milstein Foundation’s pillars are active philanthropy, path life impact, and philanthropic synergy. Recently, Milstein was listed in the Jerusalem Post’s list of top 50 most influential Jews.

Adam Milstein was raised in Israel by two devoted Jewish patriots. His parents had moved to Israel from Latin America back when it first became a recognized nation-state, and Adam’s father even fought in the first war of independence. His father retired from the military and became a building framer by the time Adam was born, and the job often had young Adam and his family moving. Adam helped in the business when he became older, and then completed his mandatory military duties in the Yom Kippur War, serving in then field commander Ariel Sharon’s unit. After completing his service, he returned home and married Gila Elgrably.

Adam enrolled at the Israeli Institute of Technology, or Technion as it’s known as and completed studies in business and real estate. He worked with his father for several years buying and developing properties around the country. He then decided to get his MBA, so he relocated to the US and completed grad school at USC. He then entered the US real estate market and started working for Hager Pacific Companies. He is now Managing Partner at that company.

Adam and Gila started the family foundation in the year 2000, and Adam has also spoken at many forums and political conferences. Various groups that Adam is involved with include AIPAC, the Israeli-American Council, Stand With Us, Hasbara Fellowships and Israel on Campus Coalition. Adam is also the father of three, and now grandfather of three.