U.S Mint

Gold has long been considered one of the best financial vehicles for those who are looking to protect their wealth in a hostile economic environment.

There is little doubt that todays global economic arena is one of the most hostile that existed in decades.  U.S. Money Reserve has recently issued a report that points out that a combination of various aspects are working in concert to create what could be considered to be a perfect storm of global financial market volatility.

The report also points out that just as in times past when economic indicators showed that those looking to protect their wealth should take action, that such action should be taken now, and very soon.

U.S. Money Reserve is prepared to help those who want to take action with protecting their wealth in these unstable and uncertain times.  Those who would like to read the full report can download it from the web.

Once they have had a chance to read the entire report, and are ready to begin protecting their wealth, U.S. Money Reserve has announced a program for first time gold buyers.  The special offer will allow first time buyers to place their money in 1/10 oz.

Gold American Eagle coins which are US Government issued.  The purpose of the report is to educate Americans who are worried about the increased instability of financial markets that could impact their wealth.  The purpose of the special buying program is to help those Americans to protect their wealth by letting them buy the 1/10 oz. gold coins at cost. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-reports-how-to-protect-wealth-from-increasing-global-risks-in-exclusive-ebook-300475919.html

This is such a great offer that U.S. Money Reserve is certain that they will quickly sell out of the Gold American Eagle coins.   The 1/10 oz. gold coin is an excellent currency vehicle that will be able to withstand the volatility of todays markets.

Cyber terrorism, governmental unrest, social instability and more are wreaking havoc on financial markets all over the world.  Gold and other precious metals being in your portfolio can help you to weather the current ebbs and flows, but also the coming global economic storm.

U.S. Money Reserve is the only Gold distributor that is headed by a former US Mint Director.  U.S. Money Reserve is the largest and most respected purveyor of precious metals for private citizens in the world, and has worked with thousand to help them add precious metals to their holdings in order to protect their wealth now and in the future.

Buying gold is one of the best ways to protect what you have worked so hard to build.  Let U.S. Money Reserve help you buy the gold and other precious metals that you need to add to your holding today, to offset the financial risks of tomorrow.