NGP VAN Paves Way For Digital Campaigns

It has been more than 20 years of providing industry-leading digital practices and software. It is a great platform for conducting fundraising, new media awareness, social networking, and conducting democratic and progressive mobilization through campaigns. NGP VAN believes that digital should be at the core of every campaign so as to see some tangible results.

Many people can testify to how digital has enabled them to soar higher than they expected. Someone like Yash Mori narrates how he used digital to show to the world what he was doing and organizing since the media was not giving them the satisfaction they needed. This made him produce the videos himself which were the beginning of his digital life.

Yash Mori, a progressive video producer and organizer of digital campaigns, has been involved in various campaigns and movements including United We Dream, and Latino Victory Fund. He is now well established in digital organizing as he follows the steps of NGP VAN

He became active in politics when his close friend was given a deportation order way back in high school from North Carolina. Though he never knew the meaning of deportation he fought hard to see his friend free, of which they won the case. When they started community organizing, being a young guy, everyone assumed he is well conversant with digital stuff. This pushed him to digital organizing.

According to Yash Mori, for a person to be a great storyteller, they must have experienced the situation themselves and have had a close contact with the community to form his basis. He was able to give the experience of immigrants in America because he was once like them when his family moved from India to America.

In shooting the story of a community he has not been very close to, he listens first to the community and meets them face to face before rolling the camera to them. One thing he has noticed, and perhaps has become the trend is the way everyone is concerned about getting a solution that can help everybody. This is the same principle for NGP VAN.

No matter the size of the organization, NGP VAN recommends them to consider digital when launching their new campaigns. It has been giving a platform where people share what they feel while giving the youths motivation to change the way things are.

NGP VAN was previously known as Voter Activation Network Inc. before changing the name at the beginning of 2011. It has its headquarters at Washington and other branches at Massachusetts and Somerville. It has been providing online actions, compliance reporting, management solutions, targeted email, social network interaction, and fundraising.