• June 22, 2024

Margie Hauser Collaborations in the Music Industry That Have Made Her So Successful

The music industry is not your easy hunting ground; it is clogged with many artists and other impediments that combine to make success a hard-fought achievement. The high competition in this business and other negating factors make it so difficult to navigate this industry and reach any success eventually. Thus, when you see successful artists,…

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Margie Hauser's Take On Collaboration in the Music Industry

Margie Hauser is a creative force in the music industry, using her experience and expertise to unite people and explore the creative process. With a career spanning more than 25 years, she has worked with various artists, producers, and songwriters, collaborating on projects that have gone on to become global successes. In her latest project,…

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Randy Douthit love for the media

Randy Douthit is a former Director and producer who has worked in the broadcasting industry for over 25 years. Randy has worked for different broadcasters, including HBO, ABC and CNN. Randy has also been an executive producer for the shows such as “Judge Judy” and “Crossfire”, among others. Randy says the crossfire show successfully exposed…

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