A Zeal For Speed – Michel Terpins, Brazil’s Top Rally Racer

Michel Terpins was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1979 and is a very well-celebrated Brazilian rally driver. He was born with his love for sports and competition, since his father, Jack Terpins, was a well-known basketball player and coach at Hebraica of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and at the age of 42, in 1991 the Senior Mr. Terpins, born in 1948, became that establishment’s youngest President. The elder Mr. Terpins has many other accomplishments but no room to list them here. Mentioned to show where Michel Terpins, age 38, and his brother, Rodrigo Terpins, age 44, get their zeal for speed, competitiveness and winning.

Michel Terpins began his Sertoes rally racing with motorcycles, in 2002, then soon moved up to cars and joined the Bull Sertoes rally institution team, where he works closely with his brother, Rodrigo, who is a five-time Bull Sertoes team rally driver. Michel’s navigator is 37-year old Maykel Justo of Spain. The Terpins brothers team has run in several competitions, including the Bull Sertos Rally, the Brazilian Cross-Country Rally, and the Mitsubishi Cup. This will be Michel Terpins tenth year to enter the Sertos Rally, which he has won the majority of, and it is Michel’s second year of teaming with his navigator, Maykel Justo and driving their T-Rex prototype in the T1 class and they are the Championship team. Michel’s brother, Rodrigo has a guaranteed third place in the Sertos rally, as of July 4, 2017, where they were in the top five for speed and in fourth place for the rally.

In spite of rear suspension problems and a broken gearbox, in this current Cross-Country Rally Championship of Brazil, Micheal Terpins finished the race in fourth place for Prototypes T1 and in tenth place overall. In rally racing there are no pit stops to get repairs done, drivers have to drive in all kinds of rough, raw terrain – sand, rocks, along with ups and downs of various highs and lows. They deserve the praise they get for their hard work and for the fun they have while out there.