Jed McCaleb and Yoni Assia Shaping The New World Economy

The Technological Guru, Jed McCaleb, new approach to changing the way the economy looks at money has stemmed his creation of Stellar. With New wind of this great technology, the interest of Finance Magnates made Stellar a company of interest worth looking into. A Meeting was kept with the head of Stellar and his co-presenter, CEO of eToro, Yoni Assia. The Duo of the associated companies seems as a perfect match for the presentation. McCaleb, highlighted the many ways Stellar stands out above its relative companies and the future plans on the direction he wants to take Stellar, while Yonia Assia explains the company’s standing position.

During the presentation McCaleb, Founder of Stellar, explained that Stellar is a new look on the economy and assets. By attaching assets to BTC, and giving it a physical existence through tangible things of value. McCaleb goes on to explain that Stellar provides an alternative to meeting the security needs, similar to BTC, are met, but at a reduced cost that is more convenient while providing a feel-safe environment that attracts users. Yoni Assia, also added that their project is a new concept that will soon evolve into what they call, “Inter-Stellar”, changing the economies around the world by. The CEO of eToro, Yoni, also highlighted the potential she saw in BTC in earlier years that has come to pass, that was majorly undermined by most, subliminally indicating another repetition. Yoni, also mentioned that their company has more than 9 million end users, backed by over 450 employees and computerized tools.

McCaleb expressed that his dream is to make Stellar a non-profit company and give numerous people a $10 worth. However, Stellar yet has a way to go. Being hit with questions about competition, McCaleb, states that Stellar is between being centralized and decentralized. Pointing out Stellar is somewhat above BTC due to influence. When asked about avoiding centralization due to partnership with IBM, McCaleb came with a firm response stating that he doesn’t wish for Stellar to become another name of products under IBM, but the relationship is beneficial in that it gets the the product on the global scale.

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