Kamil Idris Offers His Valued Insight On the State of International Intellectual Property Law

Kamil Idris recently spoke on the record about the difficulties that can arise regarding intellectual property in a global market. He offers some very interesting and valuable insight into the question of what steps are being taken to deal with these difficulties. Kamil Idris explains that piracy, as well as counterfeiting along with backlog issues, are often associated with intellectual property violations in the case of applying for patents. To create better enforceability of patent law across the world, Kamil suggests the TRIPS Agreement is a great start as it calls for a very high standard which must be agreed upon mutually between parties contracting business. In the case of activities that companies can consider doing to solve any intellectual property disputes quickly, Kamil feels that companies with international operations must always be cautious in regard to protecting their intellectual property. Companies should always be pro-active.


Kamil Idris is of the opinion that the United States acts in very strong accordance with high legal standards on the protection of intellectual property and has always been very compliant with WIPO. When asked what legal jurisdictions have the best systems in place for the protection of intellectual property, Kamil states that there is no easy answer to a question as complex as this and that doing a simple ranking of nations would minimize the complexity of the matter. Kamil’s thoughts on patent trolls in relation to the U.S. is that the PCT is a very thorough system and is always being improved. He also talks from the WIPO perspective about multilateral treaties. Kamil states that WIPO has a commitment toward multilateralism. WIPO is an intergovernmental outfit and serves as a meeting place for its members to voice their opinions. It contains 184 nations and is committed to the protection of intellectual property.


About Professor Kamil Idris:

Kamil Idris is an international civil servant who holds a PhD in the field of international law from Switzerland’s Geneva University. He is currently President of the International Court of Arbitration and Mediation and formerly served in the role as Director General for the intellectual property protection organization the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).



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