Risk and Success is Todd Lubar’s Style

Ask anybody with relatively above average knowledge in finance what is the riskiest portion of the financial services sector and they are most likely tell you it is loan origination. That is mostly true according to many experts in the industry. Yet Todd Lubar has consistently been ranked in top 25 category of mortgage originators in the United States. His experience in the financial and credit sections spans back to 1995 when he joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation after his graduation from Syracuse University. In 1999 he moved on to Legacy Financial Group in Arlington Texas where his true potential was tested and the result was an expanded loan book to a tune of several 100 million dollars by the year 2005 when he decided to move on in search of further success. He joined Charter Funding a division of First Magnus Financial Corporation as a vice president and held the position until 2007.

To talk of Todd Lubar’s success as a series of successful jobs done in his career path alone will be a big understatement of his potential. One must talk of his entrepreneurial capability has another area where his true potential remains unmeasurable. In 1999 Todd acquired an equity stake position with Financial Legacy Group this enabled him to expand his lending capability through broking loans for outside investors. In 2002 he opened a real estate company specializing in residential property development. In this company he facilitated several deals of all types of residential investments and adding up to millions of dollars. Todd later opened Legendary Financial LLC as a subsidiary of Legendary Properties through which lending to individuals and companies alike were made possible. You can visit toddlubar.com

2007 – 2008 was a challenging period for many real estate businesses and for the mortgage industry the situation was even worse. As somebody with a long experience in the finance sector and a thorough understanding of diversification as a means of mitigating risks. His entrepreneurial spirit once again kicked in, Lubar moved his attention to other areas with a better return rate. He developed interests in the entertainment industry, owns a commercial demolition company and a scrap metal recycling company. Check out toddlubar.com to see more.

Currently Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures and Vice President Legendary Investments where in his own words he is helping needy people own a home.

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