Greg Secker: Forex Trader Master

Greg Secker was born on February 1975 and is a famous English man. He is a famous world financial trader or rather a famous forex trader in the world. In fact, he is one of the youngest billionaires we have of late. He started by trading from his own house before establishing his training companies. He is an expert when it comes to communicating and is known globally for his effortless moves towards helping over 200,000 people across the globe to start trading forex. He is also a great author and has written several books that are there to help people trade forex successfully. Some of them include Trading your way to success, The book of success: Everything you ever wanted to know about success, Financial Freedom Through Forex. He has also founded several companies that includes Capital Index, Smart Charts Software, FX Capital, Learn to Trade. He has also founded his own Non-Governmental Organization to help the people in need. He is a famous philanthropist and is well known for his committed heart towards helping people with disabilities or rather people in need.

The youngest billionaire and forex trader Greg Secker was born in Norfolk that is located in England and attended the Nottingham University where he studied Agricultural and Food Science. He started from far like any other scholar and in simple terms, he was not born with silver spoon in his mouth. Secker was working as a technologist in a company called Thomas Cook Financial Services. He helped the company to develop foreign exchange platforms for trading. In 1998 he was awarded by British Telecom Award for his innovation skills he possessed when he created a trading desk that was virtual. He also joined Mellon Financial Corporation at 25 years old and became its vice president. He then left in the year 2003 whereby he became a full-time forex trader. He set up a trading floor in his house. That is when he started mentoring potential traders while still at home and then established a group called Knowledge to Action. He remains a great forex mentor for many people who have the desire to move on in trading.


Michel Terpins: Turning from a Motorcyclist to a Car Rally Driver

The 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally went down as one of the longest off-track competition covering three states in Brazil and spanning slightly more than 3300 kilometers. The event attracted more than 50 competitors and of the teams that caught the eye of most rally fans was the Bull Sertoes Team that comprises Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo. More than any other team, they exuded a lot of confidence terming it their ‘second luck edition’ where they were meant to shine. With their T-Rex model having undergone a lot of modifications such as injecting a V8 engine running on ethanol, it became much convincing to cruise challenging terrains. Banking on these deliverables, they were better placed in winning the event more than any other team participating in the T1 prototype category of the event.

Competing in the 25th Edition of the Sertoes

Finishing in the 7th position for this event was no mean feat for Michel Terpins having participated in these competitions for the 10th time. He cited their experience and well-conditioned car as the motivating factors behind their confident finish in this event. The position, therefore, places them well in competing favorably in the Brazilian Cross Country Championship which proves more sophisticated to the Sertoes Rally. In fact, he opined that the competition was an eye opener to the extra amount of effort that he together with Justo need to put in place to be the overall best rally drivers in Brazil.

Venturing into Professional Car Rally

Since making his debut in this competition in 2002 as a mere junior motorcyclist competing in the motorcycle category, he was attracted to car rallying. Michel Terpins got the conviction to join car rallying through his elder brother Rodrigo Terpins who also competed in the same event. They then teamed up with his brother, and in the following year, they competed in the same event where he was the navigator as his brother was the pilot. Together they won four titles in all the competitions they had participated, until 2006 when Michel Terpins teamed up with Maykel Justo forming the Bull Sertoes Team.

Investment Firm Co Founder James Dondero

James Dondero is the co founder and president of Highland Capital Management. This firm is a financial services company based in Dallas, Texas. The firm also has a number of office locations in other locations such as Brazil, Singapore and South Korea. Dondero has built this firm into one of the leading firms in the industry. What has made Dondero a successful financial services company co founder is his introduction to collateralized loan obligations. He specializes in helping a number of investors manage credit and debt backed securities. Along with offering this form of assistance, Dondero has also provided a number of other financial services that help investors such as wealth management, asset management and advising. When he is not running his firm, James frequently participates in a number of charitable activities.

Before James started up his financial services company, he worked for a number of investment firms as an employee. His first job was working as a credit securities analyst. At this position, he would go over a number of credit based securities and help determine if they will help his firm more efficiently manage their investment portfolio. During the next several years, James would move on to higher ranking positions at the investment firm. Shortly before he began his company, he last worked as a chief investment officer. At this position, Dondero helped oversee the investment portfolio and assets of large major corporations such as American Express.

While James has been involved in the financial industry for a number of years, he first received a high level of education in order to gain the theoretical knowledge of finance. He attended the University of Virginia where he majored in accounting and finance. When he graduated from college, he finished with high honors. This allowed him to establish himself as a top student. After finishing college, James then began to pursue his career.

Dondero participates in a number of charitable activities in his spare time. On a regular basis, he donates his funds to a number of causes that help improve the community. He recently held a luncheon where he encouraged people to help raise $2 million for The Dallas Project that helps individuals who suffer from family violence. Along with this charitable activity, James also provides funds for causes pertaining to healthcare, education, community policy and veteran’s affairs.

Robert Ivy Shows That Passion Equals Success

Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of The American Institute of Architects, He has held the position of CEO of the organization since 2011. These are positions that he is more than qualified to hold. He has a Masters of Architecture from Tulane University and a Bachelor of Arts, graduating Cum laud, in English from The University of the South. But superior academic chops are not his only credentials to be sure.

He started his career as a principle at Dean/Dale, later Dean & Ivy. He joined the staff of Architectural Record in 1996, and in the position of Editor in Chief he helped to grow the publication into what it is today, the most widely read architectural journals in the world. He later went on to become the Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. A position which allowed him to guide the development of some of the most respected magazine and trade papers in the building industry. These accolades were, in part, among the chief reasons why he was selected to serve on the jury panel that helped to select the winning design for the Dwight D Eisenhower memorial. He has also served in varying capacities for many national and international publications in the area of architecture and building design.

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He is perhaps best known for his highly acclaimed and authoritative biography of one of the most important female architects to ever live, Fay Jones entitled, Fay Jones: Architect. Which was published originally in 2001 and is currently in its third edition. The work is one of his proudest achievements, showcasing the amazing life and career of one of the most significant of all of Frank Lloyd Wright’s students.

Ivy has also been honored with several awards both his work and for his guidance of the publications that he has served with. These awards include the Crane Award, American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence, and the McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. He is also a fellow of the Designs Futures Council, and has been named a Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi.

Robert Ivy is a leader in his field and a respected academic. He is a prime example of how much one can accomplish when one is doing what they love and are passionate about.

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How Oil Executive Anthony Petrello Proves That Being A Multi-hyphenate Is The Path To Success Mathematician

There are not many people who have the aptitude that is necessary to master advanced mathematics but then Nabors Industries executive Anthony Petrello is not like most other people. When Anthony Petrello graduated from high school he threw himself into the world of pure mathematics. He took classes that allowed him to explore the analytical part of his mind and had his aptitude for numbers and advanced math nurtured by one of the best mathematicians in the country. As an undergraduate at Yale University Anthony Petrello had the pleasure to take classes with the great mathematician Serge Lang. Anthony Petrello was able to get the unique experience of working with Serge Lang as he developed one of his most pivotal piece of work: his treatise on number theory. The work that he was able to do with a mathematician as accomplished as Serge Lange encouraged Anthony Petrello to stay the course and continue to look deeper into the study of mathematics. This resulted in Anthony completing his undergraduate studies at Yale University and choosing to stay at Yale University for graduate school while pursuing a master’s degree in mathematics.

Anthony spent two more years committing himself to the rigorous study of pure math and successfully completed his master’s degree in mathematics. After he completed that degree he decided to turn his focus to the pursuit of a career path that could not be more different than that of a mathematician: a lawyer. After weighing Petrello’s options Petrello decided that making the leap to becoming a full-time mathematician and to dedicate many more years of his life to studying mathematics as a doctoral student just was not for him. He learned that he was much more interested in becoming versed in the study and practice of the law. That said Anthony Petrello enrolled in Harvard University’s Law School and set off on the journey towards becoming an attorney. Studying the law requires an attention to detail and a focus on problem solving that Petrello had honed during his time studying mathematics intensively.

Law and Oil

After earning his graduate degree from Yale University Anthony Petrello decided to immerse himself in the study of law at Harvard University’s Law School. It was here that Anthony Petrello learned how the law related to business and the ways in which qualified attorneys could assist private businesses. After completing and graduating Harvard University Law School Anthony Petrello eventually took a position with the well-known law firm Baker and McKenzie. During his time working for the law practice Baker and Mckenzie Anthony Petrello was exposed to the areas of law that would come to define his career and determine his next steps. He developed the expertise necessary to pour over dense legislation and legal documents that would impact whether or not his businesses were in compliance with tax policy. He was also able to learn about the challenges that faced corporations as he gained a deep perspective on through struggles with regard to the legal issues that they are trying to solve. It was here that his journey with Nabor Industries began. At first the company was one of his clients but they ended up being so pleased with his work that they asked him join Nabor Industries as a full-time employee. Petrello accepted. Today Petrello is the president and CEO of Nabors Industries.

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Igor Cornelsen’s 3 Tips to Making Reliable Investment in Brazil

The World Cup in Brazil coupled with the summer 2016 Olympic Games undeniably placed Brazil in the spotlight for all the good reasons. Even though much of the hype is sports-related, the nation’s economic climate has also witnessed an unprecedented positive attention. In spite of constant promises to reinvigorate the country’s economy, President Dilma Roussef has arguably shifted to her populist policies even though they hardly contributed to any meaningful economic growth in 2014. With the anticipated revenue from the World Cup and Summer 2016 Olympic Games, the Brazilian government opted to adopt an “economic matrix” that focused on slashing stock prices in sectors the government had previously outlaid policies.

With an annual GDP growth rate of less than 2%, the experimental policy has proven to be ineffective with several disappointed investors fleeing the market. Brazil boasts of natural resources, a rapidly growing middle class with a higher purchasing power and competitive agriculture production. The country’s best hope is now placed in the Finance Minister, Joaquin Levy, tasked with harnessing his valuable experience into tangible success. However, Igor Cornelsen has gone above and beyond to advise investors on the crucial tips to follow as outlined below:

  1. Make a formidable connection with the locals

Business in Brazil is highly dependent on relationships and networks cultivated with the natives as well as embracing their culture. According to Igor Cornelsen, one in every four Brazilians is an entrepreneur aged between 18 to 64 years of age. Moreover, Brazilians are undeniably a social bunch that welcomes friendly banter and can advise you based on personal experiences.

  1. Be prepared for bureaucratic red tape

Igor Cornelsen highly advises potential investors to brace themselves for numerous regulations such as high taxes, pervasive bureaucracy and restrictive labor market which pose as niggling obstacles. Getting around them can be quite challenging, but the rewards always pay off for investors.

iii. Familiarize yourself with foreign currency restrictions

Foreign currency restrictions are only effected by authorized financial institutions. As such ensure that you use the right transaction rates at any time while conducting business.

Meet A Successful American Investor; Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a famous American investor who has featured on numerous news channels while sharing his advice and broad knowledge.

Paul Mampilly founded a successful investment newsletter. The newsletter has over ninety thousand subscribers thus helping millions of individuals gain confidence and the necessary knowledge that is required in making wise investment decisions. Mampilly is a citizen of India. He traveled to the United States while he was still a young man.

His interest was mainly in finances, investment and mostly Wall Street. He has an experience of over twenty-five years in his career. Paul began his career from a very humble background when he journeyed into the investment world as a portfolio manager at the well-known Banker’s Trust in nineteen ninety-one. He has held numerous prominent positions in international institutions such as the Royal Bank of Scotland,ING, and several private institutions.

Paul Mampilly is also known for providing wise investment advice to other individuals who have big dreams. Mr. Mampilly has an impressive record of the personal investments that he had done on his own. He once invested in a drug treatment that was developed by Sarepta Therapeutics which gained him a profit of twenty-five hundred percent. Paul had faith in the company’s history of providing modern and high-quality medication therapies, and he decided to invest in it while it was still under establishment and it ended up earning him a huge profit in the end. Paul has made a stream of similar investment choices over the years based on the current market trends. Paul uses his vast knowledge to advice individuals in the investment industry on the decisions to make based on his experience.

Mr. Mampilly has been a hedge fund manager and has managed to win numerous awards such as the Templeton Foundation Investment competition. Over the years, he has been on numerous television broadcasts such as Bloomberg, CNBC e.t.c. Paul founded Profits Unlimited, and as he works with the company, he offers guidance to individuals interested in learning more about stocks to invest in and when divert from the stock market. Paul Mampilly has been an asset for the Kinetics International Fund since it thrived under the leadership of Paul.

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According To David Giertz, Retirees Should Be Flexible When It Comes To A Little Spending

An effective retirement plan entails saving money, creating a plan on how to spend the money and setting aside premiums for insurance. The retirement should not be uptight. It should be flexible has to space for spending savings that have accumulated over the years and also support an individual’s daily needs that require hours of exploring the little pleasures of life and fun.

Many people are caught in a never-ending cycle of saving money. This habit usually proves difficult to break among some people. On the onset setting aside a few shillings for the future proves to be a daunting task. But once the habit takes root with someone, it becomes routine, and then they are unable to break it.

People who have accumulated a fortune find it very hard to spend some of their savings because they are already used to a life that is not extravagant. But one thing people who have retired need to know is that it’s very okay to spend your money after years of working hard to accumulate it.

Even though most people tend to buy into the fallacy that most Americans do not have savings when they are nearing retirement, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most Americans manage to save small fortunes for the rainy days.

One of the many ways of ensuring that you leave a substantial amount of savings is overcoming the allure of specialty coffee in your favorite coffee shop and instead contend with a home-brewed alternative.

Sacrificing cups of coffee at a local coffee shop in exchange for drinking brewed coffee in their kitchens is only one of the many ways to save money. Of course, luck also plays its role in the lives of many people who are trying to save money for their retirement years. Savvy investors need to have a certain amount of luck to realize their goals.

According to one of the finest business leaders in the field of Insurance and financial services, one should not be so hard on themselves when it comes to enjoying the fruits of the labor in retirement.

David Giertz is one of the few business executives who’ve had a decorated career in the financial services industry. With the experience that spans over three decades, the President of Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution is a role model to many.

Honey Birdette Launching U.S. Dedicated E-Commerce Site for Better Consumer Experience


Honey Birdette is amongst the fastest growing lingerie brands in the world today and has a total of 55 boutiques in Australia. In the years to come, the company plans to open many more stores, not only in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom but at many other the main international destinations. As the demand for lingerie clothing has been increasing globally, people are looking for specialized lingerie designer and manufacturers like Honey Birdette to deliver exceptional quality products at an economical price.

The company has been expanding at a massive pace, nationally as well as internationally since the time of its inception in 2006. The company has been shipping to the United States for a while now. However, after it experienced a surge of over 374 percent in sales to the U.S., Honey Birdette planned to open its the United States dedicated e-commerce site recently. The company was started by Brisbane based entrepreneur named Eloise Monaghan. With the opening of U.S. based e-commerce site, Honey Birdette aims to provide U.S. customers with better customer services, faster shipping, easy returns, and extensive product portfolio. It would help in enhancing the consumer experience overall.

Shortly, Honey Birdette plans to open retail stores in the United States and extend the store count in the United Kingdom as well. By the end of 2018, the company intends to hit the number of 40 stores in the United Kingdom. In Australia, the company has a total of 55 stores. The company has been getting rave reviews from the users for the high-end quality of its products and economical price. As the demand for the products of Honey Birdette continues to increase, it was only matter of time for the launch of U.S. based e-commerce site. The company hopes that it would considerably add to its revenue and help in propelling the company’s growth trajectory forward in an accelerated manner.



Have you tried Lime Crime?

Yes, Lime Crime has a new look – Scandal – its latest addition to its cult-classic line of Velvetines. It is a beautiful, sultry, purple-violet hue lipstick. It will make your lips stand out – for sure!

This new color is touted to exude sexiness personified! There is even a ‘recommended way’ to apply the lipstick for the most stunning effect. First, one needs to apply lip balm at least 15 minutes before the actual application of Scandal. Then, one has to blot away the excess oils using a tissue. Once this step is complete, then you apply Scandal directly to the lips and use a lip brush to further define the edges. It is said to dry to a “velvety yet bullet-proof finish”, which can be removed with the help of waterproof makeup remover or oil. It sounds exciting and long-lasting.

Lime Crime is a Los Angeles, California based makeup company. Its CEO is Doe Deere who also hosts a Lime Crime blog. There is also internet presence on Lime Crime’s official Pinterest page as well. It has been said that the social media reach is over 2.6 million views.

The mind behind Lime Crime advocates the concept that makeup “isn’t just a way to cover up imperfections, but a form of freedom and self-expression”. This company is committed to creating innovative and top-quality products to the cosmetic scene. You can learn more about Lime Crime by visiting its website – as well as the Lime Crime blog –