Investor Milan Kordestani

Milan Kordestani is the founder of Milan farms. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Milan Farms. A resident of Bay area, he joined Sacred Heart Preparatory located in California. He graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory in 2017. At the moment Milan Kordestani is still undertaking studies at the college level. Milan is also a Huffing Post writer and a national competing equestrian.

As an equestrian, he is very competent. In the Worlds Championship, 17 and the Under Park Division, he was ranked number three in the year 2015. In the World Championship in the 5-Gaited Show Pleasure division, he was ranked second in the year two thousand and sixteen. Milan Kordestani has a passion for agriculture. This has made him write about it at the Huffington Post and also create an agricultural farm. Other fields that Milan writes about are mental health and politics.

Milan farms were created in 2015. One of the primary objectives of the farm was to create an organic and more humane condition for poultry farming. The end target is a 100 percent pure saffron. Apart from Saffron, Milan Kordestani, through his company, sells organic eggs and mint. To make their products pure, poultry is fed with selections of feeds that are purely organic. Milan Kordestani believes that farms that claim to be producing natural should be very transparent. This improves consumer confidence in the products that are offered by the company.

The ever-increasing demand for organic food is good news for the company. The population is concerned about their health especially in areas where lifestyle diseases are rampant. Eating foods that are entirely natural guarantees that the consumer will experience no side effects. In 2016, Milan Kordestani launched the company brand and logo. Milan Farms distributes eggs in West Coast. Large parts of Colorado also get products from the company. Saffron is exported overseas.

Innovation and research are inculcated in the company by the CEO, Mr. Milan Kordestani. The company is using hydroponic and aquaponic techniques to grow their saffron. Experiments at different saline levels are still being conducted, but results are hopeful.


Jim Toner Reveals the Secrets to Success for Entrepreneurs

Brian Harris recently reviewed Jim Toner’s keys for building wealth. In the article “Jim Toner Guides You to Financial Freedom in the New Economy”, published on Release Fact, Harris reveals the entrepreneur and real estate investor’s top methods to reach financial independence.

One of the most important aspects of building financial freedom is to learn how to sell. Selling is a part of every interaction, whether people know they are doing it or not. Luckily, selling is not some skill entrepreneurs are just born with. It is a skill they develop, and they can learn the basics in just a few days. Toner reveals that a few tools to selling successfully are respect, liking, and a reason to buy what is being sold.

Toner also reveals that acting in the moment is important for building financial freedom. Most people will waste their time waiting for the perfect moment to get started. Toner suggests that people need to start taking action now, rather than later. Starting is the most difficult part and if entrepreneurs can get past the initial obstacles at the beginning, including the obstacle of simply taking immediate action, they will be on their way to success. Jim Toner reveals however that action requires more than just the action. It requires the individual to show up with your mind, body, and heart. Presence simply isn’t enough. Entrepreneurs need to take things seriously, putting their hearts and souls into what they do.

Another secret of the real estate investment mogul is to stop following the lead of the masses. Instead, entrepreneurs should follow the habits and tendencies of the wealthy. This might include reading, surrounding oneself with a team of talented and successful people, and going after one’s goals persistently. Time management is another critical skill for the entrepreneur. Toner reveals that time is the most important asset that any person has. Entrepreneurs have to wear many hats throughout the day, doing finance, administration, marketing, planning, etc. This is why it is incredibly important to manage plan your day ahead of time. Planning the day will allow the entrepreneur to build in much needed relaxation and personal time while still accomplishing all of their goals.


Larkin and Lacey Independent Journalists Who Didnt Compromise Truth Against All Odds

Most of the well-educated people who are in the know of what is happening in the world are well aware of the fact that the media houses across the globe cannot be trusted on their face value. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

No matter how big or old the media house maybe, everyone is biased at some levels and may even be manipulative in their news reporting. It is what is causing more and more people to source the information and news from the local independently published newspapers.

Many alternative media houses are becoming big these days and are gaining popularity across the United States. One such media house is Village Voice Media, which is co-owned by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. They started their career in the field of journalism while they were still in the college during the early 1970s.

It is during this time they published the weekly named Phoenix New Times, which was primarily focused on rubbishing the false news offered by the mainstream media on the anti-war student protests.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey proved to the perfect team as Larkin was more into handling the business and the advertising aspect of the news business they started while Lacey served as the executive editor.

One of the reasons behind the massive success they enjoy today as the owners of Village Voice Media is that they have never allowed outside influence to affect their reporting negatively. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Twitter

There are many harmful elements out there who continually try to manipulate the news for their benefits and to keep the public in the dark, but Larkin and Lacey believe it is their duty as the reporters and responsible citizens to bring the facts and the real news in front of the public.

It is this habit of Larkin and Lacey to never compromise on truth is what led them to spend 24 days in prison, when Maricopa County Sherriff ordered their arrest wrongfully. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were arrested from their house at the late hours of the night from their houses.

The arrest was made due to them reporting the details of the grand jury probe in the Phoenix New Times. It is the direct breach of the United States Constitution that allows the media to be free of any outside pressure.

Larkin and Lacey kept their calm during the entire process even when they were being harassed without any proper rhyme or reason. It was the personal vendetta that Joe Arpaio was pursuing as he was upset with the report in Phoenix New Times on grand jury investigations and the subpoena the authority issued for the writer, readers, and the editor.

Larkin and Lacey filed the case against the state and the sheriff as soon as they were released, a claim that they eventually won. Along with winning the case, they were granted a compensation amount of $3.7 million. The compensation amount was transformed to Frontera Fund, which is now used to provide legal and financial aid to people in need in the Hispanic and other minority communities.

Jed McCaleb and Yoni Assia Shaping The New World Economy

The Technological Guru, Jed McCaleb, new approach to changing the way the economy looks at money has stemmed his creation of Stellar. With New wind of this great technology, the interest of Finance Magnates made Stellar a company of interest worth looking into. A Meeting was kept with the head of Stellar and his co-presenter, CEO of eToro, Yoni Assia. The Duo of the associated companies seems as a perfect match for the presentation. McCaleb, highlighted the many ways Stellar stands out above its relative companies and the future plans on the direction he wants to take Stellar, while Yonia Assia explains the company’s standing position.

During the presentation McCaleb, Founder of Stellar, explained that Stellar is a new look on the economy and assets. By attaching assets to BTC, and giving it a physical existence through tangible things of value. McCaleb goes on to explain that Stellar provides an alternative to meeting the security needs, similar to BTC, are met, but at a reduced cost that is more convenient while providing a feel-safe environment that attracts users. Yoni Assia, also added that their project is a new concept that will soon evolve into what they call, “Inter-Stellar”, changing the economies around the world by. The CEO of eToro, Yoni, also highlighted the potential she saw in BTC in earlier years that has come to pass, that was majorly undermined by most, subliminally indicating another repetition. Yoni, also mentioned that their company has more than 9 million end users, backed by over 450 employees and computerized tools.

McCaleb expressed that his dream is to make Stellar a non-profit company and give numerous people a $10 worth. However, Stellar yet has a way to go. Being hit with questions about competition, McCaleb, states that Stellar is between being centralized and decentralized. Pointing out Stellar is somewhat above BTC due to influence. When asked about avoiding centralization due to partnership with IBM, McCaleb came with a firm response stating that he doesn’t wish for Stellar to become another name of products under IBM, but the relationship is beneficial in that it gets the the product on the global scale.

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Robert Deignan’s Creation of ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan founded ATS Digital Services in 2011, and much to his surprise the company grew quickly and it became stronger as the result of the digital age. Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Deignan was used to a faced paced way of life. It was no surprise to him that the world of technology was catching everyone up to speed in just about every area of business. Although Deignan had a short relationship with the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets, he wanted to settle into a different way of life. Having worked in technology before, he came up with an idea for a business that would aid in the growth and use of technology for years to come.

Deignan’s first experience with software was acquired while working with an Anti-Malware Software company. After having technical issues getting software installed on a user’s machine, he considered that there was an opportunity here for a business. He created a trial software strategy, giving it a chance to get in front of more users. Those who wanted to try it out could sign up for a few weeks. When users struggled to make the software work, they decided to create a page where users could contact them by phone and walk them through the process to determine where the problem was.

Deignan knew that he was onto something, even more so due to the fact that it was simple for the user to contact them, and walking them through the entire process made it easy to identify the problem areas. Once they discovered that the issuers of malware were blocking their download, they knew they were up against a strong force. Deignan and his team continued to work on the software and the opportunity to make it great.

Enhancing the remote connection in order to help customers was a great way to not only build relationships, but to acquire lifelong customers and give them the very best care available. Problem solving and troubleshooting quickly and easily would lead Deignan and his team down the right path for long-term success.

Christopher Linkas: The Challenges That Young People Face In the Investment World

Some young people rely on their parents to manage the financial matters in some parts of their lives. Hence, they do not understand the basics of managing their finance. After college, the young generation can realize that they are now in charge and responsible for all their financial matters. You must understand various concepts on how you can overcome the multiple challenges involved in the financial management industry as an investor. The following are some of the problems which most youths face in the entire globe.


Financial Illiteracy


The needs for financial literacy among many people can never be underestimated. The act of managing is never an innate skill. That means that it is a skill that can be learned through math and writing. Besides, financial literacy will never be taught in schools thus the young people must take the initiative to understand the various elements of budgeting, saving and paying off loans, as well as managing credit cards.


Learning How to Take Risks and Invest


The economic performance in the entire globe has brought a significant impact on the Ge Yers who have never been lucky to find their career jobs. Additionally, many young people have a fear of not investing in the stock market due to this economic downturn. However, in the stock market, the earlier you start, the better your chances of getting incredible returns on any investment you have made.


According to Christopher, young investors have a very low tolerance for risks along with amazing conservative portfolios. It is also crazy that some companies get some youths who want their collections to be matched to a portfolio of a twice older client in the industry. The primary concern based on such new conservative young people who are mislead hence missing out on their future opportunities.


About Christopher Linkas


Christopher is known to be the head of credit in Europe. He is also the head of a 20 people European credit Group that is responsible for identifying opportunistic principal investments in Europe and its border regions. Some of the investment areas the organization specializes in include shipping, real estate, leases, non-performing loans, corporate loans, performing asset-backed investment as well as secondary LP interest.

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Financial Expert Chris Linkas Warns Millennials of Future Investment Obstacles

Jeff Aronin: Supporting Breakthroughs In Biomedical Science For 20 Years

Experienced bioscience entrepreneur Jeff Aronin wants to help the sick and suffering by supporting the creation of the medicines they need. For over 20 years he has been doing just that. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University and graduating from DePaul University with an MBA, Aronin worked in the healthcare industry for a short while. Then in 2000 he decided to begin making his dream of producing drugs to treat rare and neglected diseases a reality. He founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals. The company focused on developing the drugs patients desperately needed.


Ovation Pharmaceuticals was a huge success. In 2009, Jeff Aronin sold the company to Dutch healthcare concern Lundbeck for $900 million. During the 10 month transition period, Aronin was Lundbeck’s CEO and president to help ensure the company would maintain its upward trajectory. Then in 2010, Jeff Aronin became president and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. The Chicago based company is a business incubator designed to help innovative biotech companies get the resources they need to recruit world-class talent and get the support they require to bring new medications to market.


Under the leadership of Jeff Aronin, Paragon Biosciences has been a leading investor in over 200 new biomedical companies focused on novel science. One of the companies that have benefitted from the work of Aronin and Paragon Biosciences is Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, which develops medications for rare genetic dermatology conditions. Harmony Biosciences, which creates treatments for narcolepsy, cataplexy and other central nervous system disorders, is another of those companies that Paragon Biosciences is helping turn novel ideas into solutions for suffering patients.


Jeff Aronin supports a number of organizations in the Chicago community. He’s on the directorial boards of World Business Chicago and Discover Financial Services. Aronin is also actively involved with the Museum of Science and Industry, ChicagoNEXT and several other local groups. Aronin and Paragon Biosciences also participate in public/private partnerships designed to create employment opportunities in the biosciences, stimulate interest in and support for innovation by youth and people in underserved communities. Jeff Aronin is committed to improving the quality of people’s lives.


Dr. Johanan Rand: Vigorous Trail to Longevity

Dr. Johanan Rand is a doctor that is making a positive difference in the lives of patients who are suffering from age-related symptoms. He is the co-founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Center where treatment therapies are created to combat adverse aging reactions. Each treatment is customized based on the patient’s symptoms. Symptoms that Dr. Johanan Rand treats are depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and hot flashes. It is essential to understand that some patients suffer from multiple symptoms which is why each therapy is different. One of Dr. Rand’s signature treatments is the psychological and hormone replacement combination therapy for men who have erectile dysfunction. Men who have erectile dysfunction have an increased risk of developing a disease. The ability to recover is as usual is reduced as well. When a man’s testosterone is low, cortisol and lactic acid levels increase causing inflammation. Not to mention, the psychological stress one faces when they begin experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Dr. Johanan Rand administers testosterone to the patient. With time, as the hormone levels rise to normal, he then incorporates exercise that includes weight training. Another program used is the HCG diet. The diet utilizes the HCG pregnancy hormone to kick start weight loss while suppressing hunger. Believe it or not, the HCG diet is a low-calorie diet. Patients who complete the diet with great success move on to a long-term plan. The most impressive thing about the diet is that the results are permanent. One can expect not to gain any of their pre-diet weight back. Nutrition is a big part of Dr. Rand’s treatment therapies. Having a healthy balance of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats are essential to achieving optimal health. One cannot receive hormone therapy and not eat a balanced diet. Significant imbalances in the diet can cause age-related symptoms. Cardiovascular exercise is also a direct recommendation of Dr. Johanan Rand. Cardiovascular exercise burns fat and strengthens endurance of the cardiac system. Weight training builds muscle while lowering the risk for developing disease. Dr. Johanan Rand is the storybook model of the promotion of healthy living and longevity.


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Dr. Johanan Rand and the Practice of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Why Stansberry Research Has Developed Strategies for Better Investing

Investments can be difficult for those who are new to the process. If you’ve never purchased stocks before and are wondering what you can do to gain more money through something that is practically guaranteed to grow. There are a variety of different investment options available to you, and understanding as well as learning about them all can be advantageous for when you want to be able to get your investments to grow well and within a short period of time. In fact, a lot of people who have made use of the skills and strategies taught by Stansberry Research have found that they have earned more money in four months than they have in an entire year in the past when it concerns their investments.


When you consider the benefits of choosing the proper investments, it’s all about getting the correct options for your needs and budget. You do not want to spend too much money on stocks and bonds and then find that you’re short elsewhere. Instead, you need to marry a happy medium between spending a decent amount on stocks while also having a decent amount of cash for after. You will then find that you make more money off of your stock investments than ever before.


Thanks to Stansberry Research, an investment research company, you can get helpful tips and strategies for any and all investing that you are planning to do. This encourages your investments to grow well and over the course of time, and this is the reason so many have chosen this as an option for their own needs. Stansberry Research has taken it upon themselves to understand the inner workings of the investment world, and this is why so many potential investors are choosing their company to help with their options and needs. You can check out the Stansberry Research site and blog to learn more and to get helpful tips and hints for when you would like to get your investments made right now and know you’re making the money that you both need and want without having to figure it out yourself.


Lee May: The Cincinnati Reds

The sport of baseball is associated with the nation of the United States of America rather prominently. It is considered the national pastime and is seen as a sport that is more symbolic of patriotism than perhaps any other. That is why the history of the professional players of baseball is so important to many individuals in our nation. Particularly whenever you consider the influence of the diverse cultures of the individuals who have played the sport professionally.

There is a man who goes by the name of Lee May that made quite an impact on the sport. He is a member of the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame. He passed away on July 29 of 2017. He was 74 years of age. If you were to take a look back at his career, you would see an individual who helped to develop the reputation of the big red machine.

Lee May is perhaps most popular because he was one of the players that were traded by the Cincinnati Reds in order to get Jo Morgan. This was one of the deals that led to the incredible victories experienced by the Cincinnati Reds in 1975 and 1976. Sometimes it is overlooked that Lee May played such a crucial part of the first few victories experienced by the Cincinnati Reds during this time period. While Lee May was a player for the Cincinnati Reds during this time in the first 100 games that the team played 70 of them resulted in victories in the year of 1970.

Lee May was originally signed to the Cincinnati Reds in 1961. At the time he was a resident of Birmingham Alabama. He spent a period of around six years without being recognized until he had an incredible performance as a rookie in 1967. He was able to produce 12 home runs after only 438 batting sessions.

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