For those who want to branch out of their normal drinking routine and look for something new, try the new app called Next Glass. This app aims in helping people find a new drink. The Business Insider reported that the Next Glass app scans various beer and wine bottles and provides its users a score based on their preferences and previous ratings.

Next Glass also presents the alcohol volume and calorie count of the drink. To gauge the drinker’s preferences, the app will initially ask its users to rate a few number of wine and beer bottles. Also, the founders of the app said that the more a user rates the bottles, the smarter the app becomes. After which, its users will just find a bottle that looks interesting to them, launch the app, and scan the bottle using the smartphone’s camera. Using an augmented reality technology, Next Glass will calculate the drink’s data on an instant, showing the rating and calorie content near the bottle’s image on the app.

Presently, the Next Glass app has more than 23,000 bottles of wine and beer in its inventory. According to the Business Insider, the app will probably not recognize every beer or wine bottle at local wine shops or bars. However, it guarantees to recognize most beer and wine bottles sold at various grocery stores nationwide. Moreover, the Next Glass app is currently available for Android and iOS devices. I told my friend Fersen Lambranho about Next Glass and now he’s advocating for it on WordPress like me. Haha.


It seems like everyone’s talking about it these days. I’ve seen them mentioned on Slickdeals, USA Today, and TechCrunch all this week alone. So that’s it. I’m jumping aboard the FreedomPop bandwagon and telling you awesome readers what it’s all about.

What does FreedomPop Offer?
FreedomPop will offer you mobile and high speed internet service for FREE. Zero. Zilch. It has been made so simple to get high speed broadband or just basic home broadband. It is also free or for a higher speed with unlimited data, it will cost as low as $20.00. It is even available if you are on the go. This is high speed wireless internet on every device and is available everywhere you go. This is available at the airport, or at a beach. You can always have free wifi for your tablet, phone, and computer.

A Large Selection of Devices
FreedomPop does offer a large selection of items and products to ensure that your needs are completely fulfilled. The following is a sample for valued customers to choose from:
*Samsung Galaxy S4; This smartphone offers maximum power and is very appealing.
*Samsung Victory 4G LTE; This is a high quality smartphone that offers 4.0″touch display. This is connected to FreedomPop’s high speed LTE network
*Samsung Galaxy Slll; This is also a powerful and stylish smartphone that is highly equipped and offers an 8-megapixel camera
*You can also activate your own device.
*Privacy Phone; You are offered complete privacy with full features. This protects from spyware and hackers
You are encouraged to browse and find the many other products that FreedomPop has to offer. This is only a sample of the many phone options.

Save On Your Phone Bill
When you switch to FreedomPop from your current carrier, you can save as much as $1000 per year on your mobile phone bill. You are not required to sign a contract. There is no commitment. You have the option to cancel at any time if you’re not 100 percent satisfied with the service.

Note: they’ve recently moved Twitter accounts. The new one can be found here.

Committed Wireless Provider
FreedomPop is proud to be the nation’s
very first internet provider that offers to deliver 100 percent free mobile broadband internet access. There is a high commitment to the valued customer. This offers the following;
*Low cost
*4G wireless broadband internet service
*Cable broadband
*High speed internet
Every customer will appreciate the high speed that is offered. Internet access anywhere and any time.


A new Food Scores Database was launched Monday, Oct. 27, by the Environmental Working Group, with a stated goal of providing additional information for consumers who want to know what’s in the food they buy.

With details on the ingredients and nutritional components of more than 80,000 items sold in grocery stores, the data is designed to offer consumers a score from 1 to 10 on the nutritional value, the number of ingredients in the food or its packaging that might be of concern, and an estimate of the “processed” level of the food. The ratings are based on various factors: Organic certification, whether meat was raised according to animal standards, antibiotic or pesticide use, and ingredient specifics, including GMOs and gluten content. A comparison with similar products is one of the components of the rating.

Critics of the ratings say that they are little more than guesses, but the sponsoring group defends the methodology, and states that procedures are spelled out in detail on the Food Scores website. This database is the latest response to growing demands calling for more disclosure of ingredients and processing techniques. Packaged and processed foods, have come under fire for high sugar and fat content, as well as for additives that some claim are the cause of higher incidences of illness, disease and obesity.

Agri-business is the target of other demands, including a call for more “transparent” labeling and mandatory disclosure of genetically-modified ingredients. Even though a number of food producers and grocery chains, and numerous restaurants, have adopted anti-GMO policies, there are calls for banning such ingredients or, at the least, for mandatory labeling legislation.

A mobile app for the newly released Food Scores is expected to be available in the near future, designed to supply the rating when aimed at a product barcode. The app will be available on iPhone and FreedomPop Android devices.

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Smartphone software is forever changing. This week brought news that Google has come up with a cool, new application for customers to try out. The app is called Inbox. It is said to help ease the complications of dealing with your email.

Inbox attempts to create cohesion in a person’s email correspondence by creating a link to your Calendar dates and To Do list tasks. The email of choice will be Gmail, but this app promises to be so much more than a Gmail receiving tool.

When you open the app for the first time and register your email, you will see a bunch of different sidebars. These are called bundles and they attempt to put your email in appropriate boxes. By separating your work, home, social networking, and other emails, Inbox tries to make your life a lot easier.

By automatically registering any important dates in your email, the Inbox app will try to help you schedule time to complete certain tasks. For example, if you put in a 1pm appointment to get your hair cut, the app might remind you about an email referencing an important office meeting at that time.

Despite the interesting features, it is debatable whether Inbox is worth installing. Most people have their email organized anyway. Unless you’re some kind of Hollywood mogul like Tom Rothman and get 50 or 60 emails a day from various types of people or companies, this may not be the app for you.

The application is invite only right now, with invited users serving as digital guinea pigs to test the bugs in the system. A modified and improved version of the app should be available within the coming months.

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