Marc Sparks is a Dallas venture capitalist and is the head of Timber Creek Capital. As a small business entrepreneur, it is the goal of Marc Sparks to provide advice, capital, office space, advertising, and any other help a fledgling business may need. Through years of experience as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Marc Sparks knows exactly what it takes for a small business to succeed, and Timber Creek Capital allows him to share that knowledge with his clients.

One way in which Marc Sparks helps new businesses by providing a work-space that is more conducive to collaboration than the typical office setting. Working in a space that allows for more cooperation between employees and raises company morale is a key component of success. Having launched several successful companies and small business’s, Marc Sparks understands that each office has its own “special flow” and that working in an office that maximizes that flow will lead to an increase in quality and output.

And office space is not all that Marc Sparks provides at Timber Creek Capital. As a venture capitalist, Marc Sparks can also provide your company with the capital it needs to get started, or to expand. Marc Sparks will also share with you his successes and failures, and ways in which your business can emulate his success. Years of experience have taught Marc the challenges and devastating circumstances that entrepreneurship can bring. With Timber Creek Capital, Marc hopes to provide new business’s with his expertise in order to make the ups and downs of business owning easier on the business, its owner, and its employees.

Find Marc’s background interesting? You may be interested in author Marc Sparks book They Can’t Eat Us which is now available on Amazon.

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Apple is quietly planning to take a bite out of the Android market. While Apple had a big week with a conference that offered a myriad of new features and products, they kept mum about an interesting feature that will exist on the company’s newest iOS update. According to experts, all Apple phones will begin offering a “Move to Apple” app in their newest operating system. The app, which will presumably be available on the Play store, as well, will allow users to transfer their information, including message history, to a new Apple phone over a wireless connection.

The addition of the app will make it easier for consumers to switch from one company to the other, ensuring they won’t lose important data. The app is innovative to say the least, and has many wondering if Apple has finally figured out the perfect formula for luring users away from Android and back to Apple stated Claudio Louriero Heads.

It should be noted that apps do exist that allow for a quick and easy transfer between Apple and Android phones, but they do not allow users to move message histories, apps and books. This new app, created by Apple will move all that information over, making the switch painless and easy.

Apple has had significant success in recent months. The release of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus have taken the company in a completely new direction, and enticed back a significant number of people. Larger screen sizes, better camera capabilities and wearable technology has brought the company back to the cutting edge.

Android has not commented on the new app at this time.


For urban singles, a popular alternative to Tinder is Skout which was launched in the year 2007. This is another dating app which allows singles to view other singles in the same geographic area. This app was developed by Christian Wiklund and Nik Lidstrom, and has 220 million members worldwide. Many members have friends outside of their home countries, such as 49% of Filipinos and 53% of British. Skout allows users to add pictures and chat with other users of the mobile app. Most recently, the developers of Skout have been in the news for developing Fuse, which is a social network that allows people to interact with others.

Fuse allows people to build their own social network from their smartphones or address books. It’s got a funky feel and offers a lot of benefits. It is a quality app which is well put-together, and very easy to use for ordinary people. Unfortunately, the developers could add any of the additional features from Fuse into Skout.

When users first log in to Skout, they see a grid of people whose profiles they can view. Users are then able to start a chat or “wink” at users when they are viewing their profiles. There is also a shake to chat feature which allows people to randomly talk with another individual whom they meet through the app in 40 seconds. Many features cost points, but many other activities in the app are free.

Users whom are trying to make their pictures look more interesting should be warned as Skout has most recently banned bathroom selfies. These are pictures of shirtless people in their bathrooms or other environments, as Skout now requires that people be fully clothed before submitting their pictures to the app.

Otherwise, Skout is still a lot of fun for those whom are looking to meet other people online. With a bit of common sense, it can be a great experience which offers a decent level of safety. Learn more about Skout on their Facebook page.

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Google’s AdMob mobile advertising platform recently cut back delivery and revenues to Windows Phone applications. The sharp decline came directly after the BUILD 2015 conference where Microsoft announced Android application support in their latest Windows 10 Phone offerings.

Developers of Windows Phone applications across the board complained of dwindling ad fill and revenues following the conference according to Jaime Garcia Dias. Could Google be attempting to kill their Windows Phone competition by hitting app developers where it hurts? At this point nobody knows for sure.

It’s already a struggle for Microsoft to get developers to create applications for Windows Phones. Android and iOS dominate the mobile application market at the moment. Developers see a much weaker return on investment when creating Windows Phone apps.

Microsoft has conceded to the overwhelming acceptance of Android apps. Their newest phones running Windows 10 will make it much easier for developers to port applications from Android to Windows. This will put Microsoft phones in direct competition with Google Android phones.

Google doesn’t have much room for retaliation. Android is open source so it can be used in any way Microsoft likes. The only way they could hurt Microsoft is by cutting off revenue to developers of Windows applications. This appears to be exactly what they did. Google has yet to comment.


The BRL Trust Investment company of Brazil really stand out in a class on its own when it comes to market investing. BRL Trust was founded in 2005 and it is really a innovative investment company. BRL Trust offers its clients the best resources for their investment funds. BRL Trust has only been around for a decade but it has become one of the most important and trusted companies when it comes to its financial services. BRL Trust is known in Brazil and around the world to be a company that is very high quality went comes to services and it is also very professional when it comes to the financial market. As a company BRL Trust has been able to take care of the demands of its clients in a way that is safe, transparent, and efficient.BRL Trust has gained global attention in business administrator when it comes to Brazil, and also in countries around the world. When it comes to investing it can be very difficult for a businesses to know how to invest. Investing is truly a game of chance, but there are some things that can be managed in order to put things in a companies favor. By dealing with an investment business that has years of experience, and also that knows how to work the investment market, a company or individual can be guaranteed to make a certain amount of dividends. Brazilian businesses that put their trust in BRL Trust have began to see amazing results when it comes to their level of security and when it comes to their investments.

BRL Trust has made huge advances when it comes to the investment markets, and from the looks of where the company is going, there will be continual improvement. Just check Twitter to get  feel for the buzz. Since investing is a game in which a person has to know how to play their cards right and make the right decisions, it is best for a person or business to choose an investment company that stands out when it comes to trust, reliability, and efficiency. BRL Trust has proven over the last 10 years to be such a company.

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Since it was established 25 years ago by CEO Stephen Williams, The Antique Wine Company (AWC) has maintained its position as the top seller of fine and rare wines, also referred to as rare vintages. AWC has expanded further by establishing two more sales offices based in Asia, with the headquarters remaining in London. AWC has managed to capture a wide market share in more than 150 countries in virtually all the continents. Currently, the company supplies fine wines to individuals, popular restaurants as well as wine trade companies. The secret behind their improvement is good management and proper planning. Their variety has garnered them international recognition as most of their brands are consumed around the world.

In close scrutiny, experts say that AWC is strategically placed based on its impressive physical premises, brand recognition and acceptance as well as customer relations. This is to mean they have been able to beat similar firms in almost every aspect. Another factor that has contributed to the growth of AWC is the maintenance of a streamlined IT and operational infrastructure. This has helped the company to link to different parts of the works and to get all information as would be required to make their products better.

Through the creativity and efforts of the management of AWC, the company managed to break record in 2011 for selling the most expensive wine bottle ever. The bottle was sold at an amount (£75,000) that attracted the attention of different newsrooms, something that gave the company more publicity cover all over the world. Because of their international recognition as experts, AWC is invited for active support and advice to wine cellars held in châteaux, and other locations worldwide. Basically, AWC is among predictable companies that are eyed by investors in 2015. Their progress for the last two decades is proof that the company is becoming better every day.

To improve on the management of their sales and customer departments, AWC managed to hire two more executives. The company hired Stuart Young who would help to increase the number of client account management team by 100 % in two years. Philippe Guillot, their second executive appointee, was absorbed to the company as Asia’s Sales Director for their offices in Hong Kong and Manila. AWC aspires to reach their maximum investment with their target being to get the best management team for continued improvement in their system and operational network.

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“Please place your watches in the box.”

Brian Torchin knows that this is apt to be a statement heard from university professors before any exams are given. Why, you ask? It all is in response to the soon to be released Apple Smartwatch that can browse the internet. Universities throughout the United Kingdom have already started banning watches all together from the classrooms during exams. United States universities will surely follow suit.

At this point, it may be easy to identify a smartwatch from a normal watch, but administrators are predicting the day is soon when it will be very difficult to distinguish a regular timepiece from one that has the internet on a person’s wrist. It is much easier just to start banning watches all together from the classrooms now. By doing so, educators know they will be cutting the chances of cheating on tests.

Mobile phones are already disallowed in testing rooms, and now watches are in the same category.

Thus far it seems students are accepting this new rule.


So a few months back I told y’all about FreedomPop’s revolutionary free service and now I’m back to give an update. I’m telling you, it’s not hype. What started as an interest in the company’s progress has turned into a personal success story.

I began putting myself on a strict budget each month, and this was in an effort to save myself some money. I really wanted to save up to buy a car, but I was never able to get my spending under control. I started examining everything I was spending money on each month, and I was surprised to find that my internet, cell phone, and television bill were the most expensive, next to what I paid for rent. I was astonished to learn that each month I was paying close to $200 for my entertainment bills, so it was time to make a change.

I wanted to cut back anywhere I could, and the first thing I did was cut off all the extra channels that I had on my cable bill. I cut it down to the very basics, and ended up paying significantly less, compared to what I was paying before. I then focused on my cell phone, and I switched from the current cell phone company I have, over to FreedomPop.

I decided to switch over my internet service too, in order to save more money. I easily save $100 each month, between what I’m paying for the cell phone and the internet bill each month. I’m amazed at how disciplined I am, especially after cutting back on a lot of things that I felt were necessary. What I love about FreedomPop, is the fact that I can have a network in my home, and it allows me to set up any mobile device that I have on my network. The network is also secure, so I don’t have to worry about anyone logging on without permission.

Also as a FreedomPop user, I have access to hotspots all over my area which I can find using the FreedomPop app. Since they’ve been acquired by Sprint, more and more of these hotspots are popping up.

I was quickly able to transfer my phone over to FreedomPop, which made it very hassle free. I’m very happy with my internet services, and I’m even considering getting their Photon hotspot so I can take it with me anywhere. I’m very thankful that I found FreedomPop, because I can truly see my car in the near future, because I’m easily saving over $100 a month, after switching to FreedomPop. I would recommend FreedomPop to anyone looking to save money.

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Hornet has been a really helpful application for gay men to find new friends in their location through geo-location features. All you need is a smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection and you can now meet other gay men in your locality.

The app allows you to filter and search through men in your area and helps you find the best matches as soon as possible. You can make a judgment call after looking at the photos, biographical info on the person and other such details. The company recently added some health based features to its list to encourage safe sex.

Twenty per cent of gay and bi-sexual men in the US have been diagnosed with Aids and according to a recent survey, it has been found that close to 44 per cent of people under the age of 35 have never been tested for the disease.

Getting a regular update on your HIV status is a key condition to practicing safe sex. With that in mind, Hornet has introduced the ‘Know your Status’ feature to help users disclose details on their medical health with regard to whether if your status is positive or if you are taking pre-exposure prophylaxis and you have a virus that is undetectable.

It also gives remainders to users to ask them to take a HIV test every 6 months. This seems reasonable for Lee G. Lovett. These simple steps can help you search for the right person.


Batteries have long been a limiting factor when it comes to mobile devices, as more sophisticated devices invariably require an increasing amount of battery power.

With the latest technologies and gadgets, battery life issues are always been a part of the core research that companies need to answer. Nowadays people like business success story Bernardo Chau are always on the go, so definitely they really do not have the luxury of waiting for the batteries of their gadgets to charge.

But with the advantages of having gadgets, charging these batteries can’t be disregarded. So to answer that problem, manufacturers have actually developed fast-charging batteries. StoreDot, an Israel-based company has recently announced the coming of the Nanodot battery technology, a battery that charges super-fast. Investors have already given this company $48 million worth of funds to further develop the technology.

Founder and CEO Dr. Doron Myersdorf and Prof. Simon Litsyn, CTO, holds the management of StoreDot. Nanodot is described as natural nano crystals, which are uniform in size of about 2 nanometers in diameter, and comprise of bioorganic peptide molecules. If the innovation continues, we will have a battery that can charge for only about 30 seconds and will have an extended battery life.

By the development of this technology people will not have to worry that they were not able to charged the battery of their gadgets for a long time, they can just plug and go.

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