• December 2, 2023

How DSI Cloud Inventory Aids Business Operations

Cloud Inventory by Data Systems International was founded over four decades ago to offer excellent solutions to clients. It plays an essential role in enabling people to determine the location, condition, and validity of the inventory in all supply chain points.

As a result, Cloud Inventory boosts productivity and visibility while minimizing the carrying costs. Salesforce is cloud-based software that gathers your customers together through customer relationship management (CRM). It plays a pivotal role in marketing, sales and information technology groups enabling them to work constructively to fulfill the customer’s needs.

CRM has the field Inventory for all salesforce users, ensuring proper software optimization. As a result, customers can issue service orders and easily track the inventory and labor on their mobile devices. After that, the responsible technicians update the condition of a certain work order while using the application. After a successful data processing, the information is consolidated to the CRM system, which results in functional customer response as per the timely and accurate data.

Proper utilization of the CRM is always essential because it offers amazing results as the users focus on meeting the customer’s demand. Also, Cloud Inventory has a dominant standard application and insight dashboards, which play a critical role in monitoring and improving the performance of the supply chain. With the increasing dynamics of business operations, outstanding visibility and control are essential to delivering amazing results in Cloud Inventory management and supply chain optimization.

DSI has many clients across the globe in different sectors, including engineering, manufacturing, construction, medicine, utilities, food and beverages. Therefore, if you wish to obtain a unique experience in supply chain operations solutions, consider DSI as your best partner. Stop by the DSI website for further information or even book an appointment. Also, DSI has an account on social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter with the latest posts. See this article for more information.


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